Rodents Stop Review - Good Bye to Rats, Mice and other Rodents

My tenant let me know that she had mice and rats in her home! There are rat nests, and mice running around everywhere. These conditions are obviously unacceptable and must be corrected immediately. I had to urgently find a professional, established rodent control company. I know that I need a reliable service that is willing not only to come and kill the rodents that are at the home but who are confident enough in their work to place a guarantee on what they do so that there will not be any future infestations. While doing my Google searches I came across Rodents Stop and I am very glad that I did.

The Rodents Stop men are very prepared


Three professional workers from  Rodents Stop, all in uniform came to the home at the prearranged appointment time. In fact the game me a 15 min. heads-up phone call to make sure that all was okay before they showed up at the appointed time. 

My amazing Rodents Stop crew


The three professionals went right to work looking everywhere for the cause of the rat and mouse problem. 

Rodents Stop men looking everywhere for opening and signs of rodents


They crawled around everywhere, were on their hands and knees with flashlights in hand. 

They found holes that the rats and mice could enter the home not only in the home but outside the walls in the rear of the home and in the crawl spaces as well.

Rodents are attracted to warm areas make your home a target!

I was very impressed with how thorough and detailed and fast the men from Rodents Stop were. They said that they would need to screen off all the possible entry points and thoroughly clean all the areas both inside and out to remove all the rat and mouse droppings and all the areas that they had been to remove their scent to keep future rodent families from wanting to enter the premises. Of course, by screening the areas off, the exclusion will prevent future infestations.


Rodent control services backed with a 100% guarantee


Rodents Stop is not just a rodent control company. They understand that you are not going to be able to rid your house of pesky rats and mice by simply spraying using insecticide or as one company offered, “a poison smoke bomb.” Rodent Stop is dedicated to making certain that your home is completely free of both rats and mice through rodent prevention. Their services are tailored specifically for each of their clients needs ensuring a custom  solution for their specific rodent problem.


Rodents Stop says it simply: 

  • We will seal all of the holes and entrances into your home.
  • We will decontaminate your attic from rat feces left behind.
  • Pests will be gone or we will be back for free!


Rodents Stop offers an amazing 5 Year Guarantee! Anyone who is that confident in their work is a company I want to work with to eliminate my rodent problems. 

Call for a FREE Inspection (818) 583- RATS (7287)

Learn more at the Rodents Stop Website

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