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Kitchen Sink Before & After

We called PKB Reglazing because two of our sinks - the kitchen double sink and the laundry sink - had chips, nicks, scratches and rust in them. Our alternative was to buy new ones but reglazing them was a more cost effective solution. I have used the services of PKB in the past and I was very happy with the result. In addition, unlike most other reglazing shops, PKB offers a 1 year warranty on the kitchen sink, and 5 years on a bathroom sink.


Laundry Sink Before & After

The PKB technician arrived on time on the day of the appointment, was very friendly and extremely careful and thorough in protecting the areas adjacent to the sinks that were worked on. In addition, he volunteered to paint on the outer side of the laundry sink. It now looks so much better as a result.

Sink Prep


In the kitchen, he took the time to recommend we remove the lip of the sink before he started to work on it, knowing that at a later time we would have to raise the sink which at this time is dipping. Throughout his visit, Yoankins Torino - the PKB technician - was helpful and concerned, making sure the job would be done with quality.


Careful Preparation

A cream hardener was first applied. Any holes were first filled with bondo before glazing, an important measure to make sure the actual reglazing job will last. The whole session took approximately three hours, after which, Yoankins left the area as clean as it was before his arrival. The sinks looked brand new when he was done with the job.


Yoankis at Work

Kitchen sink reglazing is available in any solid color while bathroom sink reglazing is available in any solid color and speckled finishes. Speckled finishes are most ideal on cultured marble sinks / countertop combinations.


As an important note, it is essential  to know that most other companies use materials with isocyanates which are toxic and should definitely be avoided. PKB’s materials are ISO-FREE and safer for the customer, the technician, and the environment. And with this concern in mind I would like to add here that fume exhausters should be used on every reglazing job to help with ventilation the quality of finish. As I have learned, every technician at Phillips Kitchen and Bath has a top of the line fume extractor. This will also help prevent unnecessary overspray in the home or unit.

Laundry Sink After

I highly recommend this company as a cost effective and high quality alternative to buying a new bathtub or sink. To find out more, please visit the website of PKB Reglazing.

Kitchen Sink After

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