NorthStar Moving Review - The Best In Their Business!

It can be such a hassle to move your belongings from Northern California to Southern California or vise versa. Nobody wants to stress over how to get all his or her furniture, clothes, and precious items to a new location safe and sound. I know if my family and I tried to figure out how to move our belongings to our new location without any help, our valuables wouldn’t make it to our new place in the same condition it left our old. So we did what most people in California moving do, we turned to NorthStar Moving CorporationCitysearch’s Best Mover 2007!

NorthStar Moving Corporation

Founded in 1994, Los Angeles based NorthStar Moving Corporation exceeded the expectations of the general industry of moving and storage. NorthStar is widely known for an impressive list of celebrity clientele and it’s  “ A” ratings by the Better Business Bureau guaranteeing above standard service in moving.

The Franklin Report and recommends their quality moving service and my family and I recommend NorthStar Moving Corporation to anyone who is moving as well!

NorthStar unwrapped it all!

The company's services include local, long distance, international, residential, and commercial moves, as well as full-service storage. NorthStar Moving is the choice for anyone moving in or from California because they are recognized as one of the top movers in Los Angeles, and one of the top California moving companies overall— NorthStar Moving pledges to provide comprehensive, understandable estimates before your move and professional service during and after your move.
From the beginning process of speaking with one of their representatives Tori, it was a smooth collaboration and partnership. We explained that we were making a move from Northern California to Southern California and we needed a lot of help.

NorthStar wrapped our couches

Tori simply explained how NorthStar Moving is trained in the proper packing methods to provide maximum protection, and their professional packers use the industry's finest packing materials to cushion, cover and protect your belongings. From using cartons to pad-wrapping to customized crating, NorthStar Moving ensures that your household goods remain protected during the move.

When it was time for the move, my family and I packed some of our stuff in boxes and bags however when NorthStar arrived they really packed up our stuff so we didn’t have to do much.

The glass top to our glass dinning room table

They boxed and ducked taped our belongings real tight so the boxes wouldn’t come apart. Our flat screen TV, glass dining table, and the rest our fragile belongings were wrapped securely in blankets, bubble wrap, and then boxed with duck tape securing the box from tearing.

Even our mattresses were boxed because with NorthStar’s professional packing and crating services, they insure all their customers household possessions are protected.

NorthStar boxed our Mattresses

Working with the three moving professionals, Jerry Mendoza, Augustine Guido, and Angel Hernandez, we felt secure that our valuables would make it to our new location in Southern California in one piece. The professionals were extremely friendly and easily exuded confidence in their ability to provide the best service.

When our belongings arrived in Southern California, my family and I didn’t have to lift a finger. The professionals unpacked, unwrapped all of our stuff and placed them where we wanted to be placed. All of our belongings were in the same conditon they left Northern California and were completly secured the the whole way.

Everything was wrapped up nice and tight

They assembled our glass dinning table, beds, and desks together; they also logged and numbered each piece of our furniture and boxes to keep track of everything—it was clear to see that NorthStar Moving Corporation really is the best, they really made us feel at home.

NorthStar Moving is an extremely professional moving company that backs up their promise to deliver the best service in the moving industry. NorthStar Moving made it extremly stress free for my family and I and without a question they exceed their clients’ expectations with graceful customer care and honest, affordable service.

Angel, Jerry, Augustine

With NorthStar Moving, it is a partnership with their clients, keeping in touch with them every step of the way. They sure prove guarantee that their customers will be more than satisfied. My family and I couldn’t be happier with NorthStar Moving Corporation’s service and we will trust and rely on them anytime we make another move. Thank you NorthStar Moving!

And remember when you plan to make a move anytime soon or in the future call 1-800- ASK-PROS (275-7767) or visit NorthStar's website at and they will make life easy for you!

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