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I had a leaky skylight in my home office due to a shoddy installation by a not so great contractor. After numerous attempts by the original installer to try to fix the leak, it only got worse. It was time to find a pro! I did lots of Goggling and had several professional contractors and roofers come to my home. Bids came in all over the map. Some said I needed to rip off the majority of my roof or their repair would not work others that my roof was too old. Having been a licensed contractor in the past, the project seemed very simple to me. The roof was fine before the skylight was installed and leaked after the skylight was installed, so it made logical sense to fix the roof around the skylight and all would be fine. The only contractor that had the same common sense approach that I did was Moshe from Los Angeles Construction, Inc. Although their main business is decking, Moshe said to me what I would have said to a customer when I was a contractor, “all you need to do is remove the roofing around the skylight, replace it and you won’t have any more leaks!”

Tearing off the old roof and repairing the wood underneath

Of course that was all that was necessary. Moshe came back with one of his roofers, he analyzed the situation, was back the next day and in half a day the job was done! No more leaks and at 80% less than the other bids. Moshe came back twice to make sure all was going well. That kind of involvement on such a small job is very impressive.

Adding two layers of roofing and using torch down roofing

I plan on calling Los Angeles Construction, Inc. back for lots more work in the future, my kitchen needs a remodel and there is so much more that I need help with and I know that I found an honest, capable company.


Professionally and quickly, a new roof. No more leaks!

Los Angeles Construction, Inc. is a family owned and fully licensed Construction Company that prides itself on quality service, reasonable pricing options, and personalization. Niel Fertig created Los Angeles Construction, Inc. eight years ago and has been remodeling, repairing, and making drastic changes in the grater LA area ever since. Since most of its customers are referral based, Los Angeles Construction Company has felt no need to advertise, ultimately delivering incomparable results at a compelling price. With innovative ideas and implementation techniques Los Angeles Construction Inc can make any dream a reality.

Los Angeles Construction Inc.

Los Angeles Construction Inc. provides a full range of remodeling services both interior and exterior. This company works on: kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room addition, concrete, deck/patio, doors/windows, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, paint & stucco, and swimming pools & spas. Los Angeles Construction Inc. provides exceptional customer service and delivers tailor-made results by handling each client as an individual. Los Angeles Construction Inc. meets with each client to discuss the remodeling and will provide a free estimate for each request. This company also believes in going the extra mile for its customers. Upon each remodel, they will educate their clients and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each material based on that particular job, so customers can make an educated decision as to how to complete the job. With the company’s exceptional knowledge of designing, Los Angeles Construction Inc. provides solutions based on each customers situation and not only will remodel, but they also provide architectural intellect, engineering and design for each specific client.

Los Angeles Construction Inc.

“I am very passionate about what I do,” says Niel Fertig, owner of Los Angeles Construction Inc., “I pride myself and my employees, and I supervise every job to ensure quality of the work being provided and also to ensure the clients are pleased.” Fertig hand picks his employees and provides them with the best tools and equipment in order to deliver remarkable results. “I am very detail-oriented”, said Niel Fertig, “I make sure I send out the right workers to each specific job.” Los Angeles Construction Inc. is compiled of a few workers. Each worker specializes in a different area from the next. This is how Niel Fertig has been able to run a successful business that keeps the customers coming back. Los Angeles Construction Inc. also provides low budget solutions, and is very flexible and reasonably priced.

Los Angeles Construction Inc.

Handling accounts both big and small, Los Angeles Construction Inc. also provides modern designs, new innovation designs, and stainless steel work to its clients. Confident in the work provided, they are the only company that provides a 10 year warranty with labor in addition to material.

Los Angeles Construction Inc. is a full service construction company that handles requests in the greater LA area and up to 50 miles outside of LA. To see what Los Angeles Construction Inc. can do for you, visit their website at www.LosAngeles-Construction.com or phone (310) 903 - 1202




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