LA Maids Review - Premium Domestic Cleaning Service

LA Maids Review - Premium Domestic Cleaning Service

As a landlord, I got some good news and some bad news. The good news was that the very day I showed my vacant rental to a perspective tenant she wanted to rent it starting that very day! The bad news is my former tenants had left behind a filthy home. I needed to get the home really clean like NOW. I considered having my employees do the cleaning but soon realized we needed a professional crew to clean it properly. So, off to Google I went and found LA Maids and boy am I glad I did!

I phoned LA Maids and was glad a real person answered the phone, a very pleasant woman who, once told of my need to have my 2 bedroom, 2 bath cleaned that very day, put me on the phone with Paul, the LA Maids owner. Paul said he would see what he could do and would phone me back. Soon, Paul called back and said he could have a crew over to clean my place in two hours. I got a call from the LA Maids crew when they were 10 minutes away to make sure all was on schedule. When they arrived, the crew from LA Maids arrived they were ready and eager to get to work. They unloaded their van and brought in all their cleaning supplies. The cleaning crew consisted of 3 professionals named Bernarda, Estela and Anddy. Each of them had their own assigned roles and began to tackle the job at once. Bernardo cleaned the upstairs, Estella the down stairs and Anddy tackled the floors and carpets.

Estela, Bernarda and Anddy waste no time!

Dirt from the stove and tub is scrubbed away, Anndy is working on the floors

And speaking of carpets, years of experience have taught Paul important lessons. For example, when applying the spot remover, Paul uses his fingers to run the solution into the carpet instead of a brush that could harm the carpet. He also knows to vacuum the stain remover up right away so it will not harm the carpet. Paul uses various forms of expert cleaning at LA Maids including "External Extraction"® This method is often called "Warm Water Extraction", "Hot Water Extraction" or "Steam Cleaning" and is the cleaning method nearly all carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers recommend. This is the only cleaning method classified as "deep cleaning".

Great care goes into cleaning the carpets

All the others are considered "light surface cleaning" because they are incapable of removing soil deep in the pile. Also, all other methods leave large amounts of cleaning agent in the carpet after cleaning. The maintenance brochure published by the world's largest carpet manufacturer, Shaw Industries, recommends this method, because its own research indicates that it provides the best capability for cleaning. This method is frequently called "steam" cleaning due to the fine spray of water used to force dirt out of the carpet which is sucked up by the vacuum slot immediately in front of the spray. Seldom is real live steam used, however. This process consists of spraying a solution of water and detergent into the carpet pile and recovering the water and soil with a powerful vacuum into a holding tank.

LA Maids crew hard at work

When they were finished they came and asked me if there was anything else that needed to be done and if we were happy.  We were more than happy we were ecstatic and finally the place was ready for my new tenants. The difference, before and after in the look and feel of the home was amazing. LA Maids is definitely the place to call when you need your place cleaned the right way first. I am so thankful I found LA Maids.

Final touch ups on the windows and the entire place is sparkling

LA Maids brings all of their own supplies including a commercial-strength vacuum. However If you require specialized equipment, such as tools to clean vaulted ceilings or special polish for stainless steel appliances, please inform them prior to your service so they may provide your crew with the necessary equipment. There services includes but is not limited to cleaning all kitchen surfaces, complete sanitization of bathrooms, window Pains, Sills, blinds, floors, walls, under and behind furniture and appliances, dusting desks and bookshelves.

LA Maids cleaning professionals are trained, and insured before stepping into LA Maids. Our residential housekeepers respect customers by never eating, drinking, smoking or using appliances during home cleanings. Each LA Maids employee takes pride in their work, receiving regularly updated training and supervision to ensure quality maid service. They believe that you deserve the finest and most comfortable home environment and LA Maid Service will make sure you have it. They can design a suite of services customized to meet your unique needs and schedule.

So, whether you need a onetime overall cleaning or ongoing scheduled maid service, LA Maids service will help make your home a more enjoyable and healthful place for you, your family and guests. LA Maids cover Los Angeles, Hollywood, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Wilshire, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Torrance, El Segundo, Culver City and surrounding cities

LA Maids is open from 7 am – 7 pm daily and their located at 8940 National Blvd., Unit B Los Angeles, CA 90034. They have a great holiday cleaning special going on right now for $59.00. If you’re interested give them a call today at 310-491-7915 Ext 0 or email them at [email protected] you’ll be glad you did. They also have green services available, additional charges apply.

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