"Hit The Ground Running The First Years of Your Acting Career" by Carolyne Barry Book Review - The Perfect Guide To Help You Start Your Acting Career Off Right!

Many people dream of having some sort of acting career but don’t know where to start. To all of the dreamers out there I have finally found the answers to all our questions on how to start a successful career in acting. The answers lie in the book, Hit The Ground Running The First Years of Your Acting Career, written by Carolyne Barry.

Before I found Barry and her book, I did some researching all over Los Angeles. I audited many acting schools and classes and spoke with many different teachers and coaches to begin my training. I finally came across www.CaroylneBarry.com and watched Barry’s videos and instantly knew I had to meet with her. Since 1982, Carolyne Barry and her workshops have been one of the most successful independent full training programs in Hollywood. Barry has trained thousands of professional actors and is recommended by agents, casting directors, and former students.  Barry is recognized as one of the top Commercial Audition teachers. In 2009, she was the winner of Back Stage West’s Favorite Commercial Teacher in Los Angeles.

First off, the book is a guide. A guide for the green actor to use through out his/her journey of a potential acting career. Barry’s introduction explains, “I am your guide for your pursuit of an acting career. As you embark on this exciting voyage, if you feel lost, overwhelmed, confused or afraid of making the wrong choices, or maybe even are questioning if acting is really for you, know that you are not alone. Most everyone has questions, doubts and concerns as they look down this road. I understand too well and that is why I wrote Hit The Ground Running, for you.”

I finally felt like I found a teacher who understood my feelings of displacement in my quest for answers regarding my acting career after meeting with Barry. She explained her book Hit The Ground Running will answer all my questions and save me time, money, and energy while starting out my career. So I gave the book a read, and it is clearly a winner.

Barry holds your hand step by step answering questions and navigating you through the new world of acting. She understands that getting started can be scary and hurtful to your bank account and self-esteem as well.

The guide touches on the how to start; where to get the most beneficial information, the best type of training for you and the best place to train, where to live, whom to listen to, what to do first, next and at each juncture, the costs, how long it will take, when and how to start finding work, if you have what it takes to be an actor, and a lot more information that you don’t even know you need to know. Barry will enlighten you on how “To best serve you” in your journey.

My favorite part of the book is Chapter 1, “The Trip.”  It asks the question, “Why do you want to be an actor?” I really had to sit back and think about the question.  Do I want acting to be a hobby, a dedicated career, or a development of my craft and be a better actor? Barry says we must start off with explaining that the investigation takes between three months and a year with professional training and educating your self about the entertainment business. I found this to be true. It took me exactly 3 months to figure out what I want to do in this business and that this is something I want dedicate my time to make this an official career. This might not be the case for everyone but after a few acting courses, I have found that I am dedicated to making this my career.  Others may go throw the investigation and find that this may not be a career choice for them. They may find that they might want this as a hobby, a stress reliever, or a part time gig. Barry walks you through the different options, helps you get your investigation started in order to get you to narrow exactly what you want to do with acting.

The rest of the guide helps you understand what you are capable of, talent wise, as an actor; the personal tools you’ll need within yourself to survive in the business; the training you need and how to go about finding the right training; how to plan out the logistics of your first six months to after your first 2 years of your career; what the costs of becoming an actor and how to make and save money to support yourself and your career; branding yourself; how to take the right photos for headshots and how to choose the right photographer; how to create your resume, get representation and go after what field of acting you’d like to tackle.

Overall, this book is an easy read guide that tells you everything you need to know about starting an acting career—plain and simple. Barry executes a well-formatted guide about the do’s, don’ts, and the possibilities of what the new actor needs to know in the beginning of their career. Skip the scandals, scammers, and the squander and reach out to some one who has your best interest in mind. Carolyne Barry cares and that is exactly why she wrote, Hit The Ground Running The First Years of Your Acting Career. I promise your vision for your acting career future will be clear, educated and enlightened.

Watch my exclusive interview with the notable teacher who talks about the book, how to use it, and why she wrote it.

So if you want to know about training, how to audition for different roles, what type of acting careers are available, and the whole process of getting on television shows, commercials and movies, read Hit The Ground Running The First Years of Your Acting Career. It will guide you with the many decisions that you have to make as a new actor. I thank Ms. Barry for being a big help in finding my way through this business.

Please visit www.carolynebarry.com and purchase Hit The Ground Running The First Years of Your Acting Career for only $22.95 here: http://www.hitthegroundrunningbook.com/


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