BMa Inspections Review - Clearing Homes From Harm

As every home owner knows, buying a professional inspection is very important and will significantly reduce the risk of molds, lead, asbestos, as well as other harmful allergens commonly found in the household. You should get an inspection before closing on a home or property purchase, when you are thinking of selling your property, as well as an overall inventory of your home’s condition.


I was in dire need of an inspection of another of my properties. I knew BMa Industries conducted a wide array of inspections, so I figured I had to give them a call. Over at BMa Inspections they conduct: pre purchase inspections, mold inspections, and water damage inspections with next day reports and asbestos inspections, lead inspections, and radon gas inspections, allergen and fungal inspections with reports in three days. BMa Inspections strongly supports their clients as well as the work they provide. BMa Inspections encourages it’s clients to accompany them during the inspection. This way the client is able to ask the inspector any questions or concerns he or she may have. Also, this gives the client the ability to fully understand the process of what may be going on throughout their home.


I was in need of an asbestos and lead inspection for one of my properties. Asbestos is a fiber that has been used primarily for insulation. There are many problems that are associated with asbestos, such as lung cancer. Removal of asbestos can be done two ways, however they both require a trained professional. Lead is also associated with a number of health related issues such as high-blood pressure, problem pregnancies, and digestive problems amongst many others. Before buying or selling any properties you should contact a trained professional to conduct an inspection. Both asbestos and lead are very harmful to your health.



I called BMa Inspections to conduct the inspections I needed. I knew BMa Inspections would take care of what I was looking for efficiently and quickly. Per my request, BMa Inspections came to the property and diagnosed the problem. BMa Inspections has a skilled team that will not only diagnose the problem, they will team you teach you what causes the problem, how to fix it, and even discuss routine maintenance. Within a few moments my property was all set! It’s no wonder why BMa Inspectionsis rated number one in the industry.


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