Best Stucco Contractor In Los Angeles - Only the Best Stucco Contractor can complete my job!

I had a need for the best stucco contractor in Los Angeles. I was tremendously pleased with the work that McGrath Contracting had done with my earthquake retrofitting as you can see from my article McGrath Contracting Review - Honest Construction in Los Angeles. McGrath Contracting did not include a bid for the stucco work because Paul McGrath wanted to make sure that my historic property had a stucco job that would exactly match the existing finish and thought it best that I deal directly with  a stucco contactor personally. This would assure me the best stucco contactor in Los Angeles and save me money in that I would be dealing directly with the contractor.

I have lots of Stucco patching that needs to be done

The earthquake retrofitting and shear wall installation is no coming to an end so I am on my hunt to get the best stucco contractor in Los Angeles to finish my job. I will report my findings soon.


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