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Recently, I received a panic phone call from one of my tenants explaining that a swarm of bees had nested their garage wall and not only were the bees all around the house but had made their way to the garage, which my tenants use as a production studio. Due to their panic my tenants had already called an exterminator who was going to come and kill the bees. Being a beekeeper and knowing how important Bees are, I preferred to find a more humane way to remove the bees.

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After I realized I had a Bee infestation, I knew I would have to act quickly to have them removed and honestly, I wanted the safest and most humane bee removal. Knowing what I wanted made my keyword search easier. So off to the information Super Highway and within the first ten entries I found Queen Bee Removal. I phoned Queen Bee Removal and spoke to Eugene the owner, he set an appointment for the next morning between 9:00AM and 10:00AM. I called my tenant to let them know.

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Queen Bee Removal offers a live bee swarm removal, live bee hive removal, other stinging inset, live wasp removal and Queen Bee Removal and provides to safe effective method of riding any home of the bee infestation in the most humane manner possible. Once the Bees are removed they are transported to Queen Bee Removal’s apiary where they continue to pollinate the earth.

Eugene explained to me that not only their method more human and better for the environment but when bees are exterminated the hive is still left. It takes bees a great deal of gathering the food to build the wax home called the hive. Because of this, other bees searching for a new home will soon repopulate the vacated hive. Think of it as condominium vacated, other tenants will eventually move in; the same with a vacated and left behind hive.

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My tenants already had Orken at the house. I told him I would prefer to have it done the natural way and he indicated he would call back in five minutes. When he called back he indicated he also preferred to do it more humanly and even the Orken exterminator agreed Queen Bee Removal was the better way to go.

On Saturday morning at 9:30AM, I received a call from the Queen Bee Removal specialist, Serge, letting me know he was a half hour from the property and would arrive promptly at 10:00AM. He did his inspection and within a couple of hours had opened the wall removed the hive and all the bees and closed back the wall.

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Our experience with Queen Bee Removal was a very positive! Queen Bee Removal even had Bee suits for my tenants to wear so they could watch they process which was very interesting to my tenant. Queen Bee Removal offers prompt, friendly, efficient and professional and the cost didn’t sting me!

From Queen Bee Removal

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