Andre #1 Shoe Repair Review

Looking at my favorite boots, that had become dull and, downright dirty, I finally decided to turn them upside down to look at the soles and found I had worn them out, completely through on both sides! And I was left with two choices: repair or toss and I decided it was time to find a cobbler.

My boots before - Stay tuned for the “After Pictures” after Andre #1 has his way with them

Just by chance, one day, after having lunch having at the Griddle on Sunset, I noticed Andre #1 Shoe Repair and it looked very professional, so I decided to take my boots to them for repair.

In addition to quality shoe repair Andre #1 also designs and creates custom shoes and boots for men and woman. Looking forward to showing the after photos.

Andre #1 Shoe Repair well equipped shop

After just a couple of days, I went back with my claim check and was delighted with what I found. My shoes looked not new but better than new because they were comfortable they were warned they were cool but I have years left to be able to walk in them and enjoy them thanks to Andre #1 Shoe Repair.

Without asking special touches were given to my shoes that showed the care behind an old-fashioned cobbler. My rugged boots were given a rugby Seoul which suits the personality perfectly. I'm not sure if it makes any difference in the walking other than probably makes them much more skid proof but the care to try to match the sole with the top of the shoe is a true indication of the attention and care given by Andre #1 Shoe Repair.

Andre #1 Shoe Repair cobblers

I was also very pleased with the price. I had checked with two other cobblers in the area and the price I was charged at Andre #1 Shoe Repair was approximately 30% less than they had quoted.

Many people trust their special shoes to Andre #1 Shoe Repair


Before and After, note the rugged soles on the rugged boots

Before and After

To learn more go to the Andre #1 Shoe Repair website

7914 W Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90068

(323) 876-5565


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