Vanessa Ruane: Los Angeles’ In-Demand Filmmaker/Videographer

Vanessa Ruane is a rare blend of artist, teacher, skilled craftsperson and commercial storyteller. And these many talents mix perfectly into her work making her one of the most in-demand video aficionados in Los Angeles.

Filmmaker Vanessa Ruane

It’s a spring evening in an Ocean-side town, just outside Los Angeles.  The roof is crowded with an upscale weddingRuane is hidden in a corner, video camera in hand - waiting.  Guests strike up polite conversation, but Vanessa’s eyes are elsewhere.  Waiting for the shot.  She sees it, and takes to her feet. Stealth, discretely.  

In the rear corner, the bride waits nervously before making her grand entrance.   A beautiful young woman and tonight she glows.  As she prepares before one of the biggest moments of her life, Ruane catches it without ever being noticed. Later, as her clients: the bride, groom and their families see that moment on video, emotions run.  Vanessa captured a moment that these families will cherish for a lifetime.

And that, in a flash, is what Vanessa Ruane does.  She captures the moments of your life, so you can enjoy them again and again.   

Back to the Start

Who is Vanessa Ruane?  She’s led televison, film, and on-line video productions.  How has this young woman gained such tremendous behind-the-scenes experience in Hollywood?  Well, it’s not all the clichéd stories you might think.  With a comfortable smile and a youthful spirit, Ruane gets her work done, climbing up the ranks, making friends and never losing a step.  

Vanessa Ruane directing award-winner "Firefighter"

In her early 20s, after a successful Off-Broadway stint, she spent time teaching English in Budapest and traveling Europe.  Basically, if there’s some place you’ve ever wanted to travel, she’s been there.  That culture and worldly experience pays off at the events she covers.  She knows how fit in, disappear and capture everything.

In her mid-20s, when Ruane moved to Hollywood she quickly connected with acclaimed director John Badham.  Yeah, that’s right, you recognize him. “Saturday Night Fever”, “Short Circuit”.  When you ask Badham about her, the usually calm Badham glows: “She is a hard-working self-starter who always seeks opportunities to make the very best of whatever jobs she is given. She is a quick learner, keen observer and patient listener. I watched her grow and take on more duties and challenges on the films and TV shows we worked on together”.

And that kinda happens a lot with Vanessa.  Be it film professionals, or amateur clients, everyone wants to work with Vanessa.  

“It’s great!” Ruane explains,  “ I love my work because it’s so varied.  One day I’m directing second-unit on a big TV movie.  The next day I’m helping a bride and groom; and their big families trying to get what they want even if they don’t know what they want. I can edit, shoot, direct.  I get to help make people’s dreams come true.  It’s rewarding on its own.”

Vanessa Ruane on-set

And when you ask those clients, the several now-married couples can’t rave enough.  “In a town as jaded as this can be, it’s great to meet someone who works so hard.  She did everything we wanted, but she also brought her own ideas.  She never stopped.”

Another couple explained, “Our wedding was very small and home-made.  Vanessa was recommended to us.  But then we saw the video, what she did with it was amazing.  It looked like a big Hollywood movie.  I didn’t know she did movies, but now I’ll be first in line to see her next one.  I’d recommend her to anyone!

Splash Magazine’s Creative Director Joe Wehinger hired Vanessa Ruane for a short internet film.”We were doing a theater short and hired her to just shoot it.    She never stopped the camera, never took a break.  Amazing stuff.  Those great moments you need in editing, she brought us dozens.  Afterwards, she was talking about how she’d edit it if given the opportunity.  Really neat ideas.  So I said, ‘you want to?’ and right then we hired her.  Three editing sessions, that’s it.  She took over two hours of footage into a two-and-a-half minute finished project.  We even trimmed down editing time.  She finished on a shortened schedule and under-budget.  We’d love to give her our work when she’s available.

Award-winning director Vanessa Ruane

And that seems to be the re-occuring theme.  Ruane is a busy woman.  Her last film, “Firefighter” which she wrote, directed and produced won a slew of awards around the country.  And now she’s in the advantageous place of picking and choosing her next projects.

“I’m happy.  I’m at a good place.  I’ll be doing more movies.  But I love the more intimate work too.  I love entering a family’s life.  Helping them on their big days.”

Checking in on Ruane, we find her in an editing classroom, where she has taught many Final Cut Pro editing classes many times. Today she is the student.  Why?  “I’m here to learn.  There’s always something out there. Shortcuts to work faster.  Techniques to make the work better.”

She smiles one more time as she looks back at the computer screen.  Vanessa Ruane is a great example that when you love what you shows.

For more information on Vanessa Ruane, please visit her website:

To contact her directly, [email protected] or (818) 807-5530

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