Sunshine Glass Company Review - The Fine Art of Stained & Leaded Glass Survives in Hollywood

I first began dealing with Sherman Hopkins at Sunshine Glass back in 1989 when it was still on La Brea before it moved to Highland. It was then that I needed to get exact reproductions of the leaded glass at the Charlie Chaplin cottages I had just purchased and was restoring. I looked all over for an old school craftsman to not only add new windows that looked identical to those installed by Chaplin in 1922 but also to repair many of the exiting windows that were sagging so much they left an inch or so open space at the top of the window. After much research I was lucky enough to fine Sherman at Sunshine and he did a remarkable job. Well nearly 20 years have gone by and I certainly need no help with the windows at the Chaplin Cottages; they were repaired and replaced to perfection, but now I needed a small leaded glass window repaired at another property I own and knew that my great craftsman, Sherman, was unfortunately no longer with us. I assumed, incorrectly, that Sherman’s skills had died with him but luckily I was wrong. Lori Fair, Rosalio, Miguel & Angel Herrera had purchased Sunshine Glass from Sherman in 1991 and along with their own many years of experience had learned from the master Sherman. I took in my window and within a couple of weeks had a beautiful replica of the original window from the twenties. I defiantly am happy not only that Sunshine Glass did such a great job but that the art of stained and leaded glass that was exemplified by Sherman lives on at Sunshine Glass.

The craftsmen at Sunshine Glass specialize in creating custom stained glass windows, lamps, tabletops, and other architectural glass details for retail, commercial, and residential clients. Because each piece is hand-made in their shop, the products are 'one-of-a-kind' works of art made especially for you.
For over thirty years, since 1972, they have worked hard to become one of California's most respected stained glass companies, taking great pride in both the quality of their work, and the close relationships they have built with their customers which include me.

They offer free estimates, on-site repair, and superior knowledge in their field which includes offering exotic and hard-to-find leaded, stained, tempered, beveled and etched glasses imported from around the world. They can also get that hard-to-find tabletop you've been looking for, or match that glass that has been in your house for 50 years.

The folks at Sunshine Glass offer the art community classes and supplies. As well as being experts in repairs, they are an award-winning glass design company having received Best of Show and First Place at the Anaheim Art Show for their exemplary work with stained glass and much more.

Sunshine Glass has custom designed glass for retail, commercial, and residential establishments. Sunshine Glass has enjoyed a fine reputation in the stained and leaded glass business being one of the most prominent studios in the city of Los Angeles. The scope of their work ranges from small residential window to large commercial projects including church restorations.

While their commissions are too numerous to list, below are examples of their clients and you’re invited to visit these locations:

    * Hotel Chateau Marmont, West Hollywood, CA
    * Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, CA
    * Chasen's Restaurant, Beverly Hills, CA
    * Hollyhock House Restoration, Pasadena, CA
    * Sportsman's Lodge, Studio City, CA
    * Garden Of Eden Restaurant, Hollywood, CA
    * Old Spaghetti Factory Restaurant, Hollywood, CA
    * Conroy's Flower Shops, L.A., CA
    * Le Reve Hotel, L.A., CA
    * Feldmar Watch Co., L.A., CA
    * Bogotá, Columbia - Office Bldg.
    * Brown Derby Restaurant, Hollywood, CA
    * Lola's Restaurant, L.A., CA

Sunshine Glass:

Address - Click here to see a local map.

    * 1556 N. Highland Ave.
    * Hollywood, CA 90028
          o 1 block south of Hollywood Blvd.
          o 1/2 mi. south from Highland Ave. exit at 101 Fwy.

Phone: (323) 957-0703
Fax: (323) 957-2017

[email protected]

Store Hours:
    * Tuesday through Friday:
          o 9am - 5pm
    * Saturday:
          o 10am - 3pm
    * Closed Sunday and Monday

To learn more visit the Sunshine Glass Website

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