NorthStar Moving Review - They Made Moving a Breeze

Anyone who hasn't lived in the same house their entire life knows that moving STINKS.  Packing, sweating, hauling, sweating, unpacking, more sweating...oh, when will it end?  Luckily for us, there are moving companies like NorthStar Moving Corporation.  They truly have the art of moving down to a science, and their experience means a smoother move and less stress for you.    NorthStar was able to accomplish in eight hours what surely would have taken my fiance and I four days to complete.  Here is our story:

Not my apartment

Most Americans have more possessions than will comfortably fit in their home, and we are no exception.  Somehow, we had managed to fill up our modest one-bedroom apartment with a two-bedroom apartment's worth of belongings.  Every cupboard and every closet space was utilized, and we still had things coming out of our ears.  While I knew we needed to look for a bigger place, I simultaneously dreaded packing all of the stuff we had accumulated and having to move it all.  Enter stage left:  NorthStar Moving Corp.  When project manager Gadi Avigzer arrived to give us an estimate, he was confident that our move should be a regular cakewalk compared to some of the multi-million dollar estates that they are used to servicing. 

After all, if they can move Angelina Jolie and Eva Longoria, our place should be no sweat.  He estimated that our move should be split over two days; the first day for packing all of our junk, and the second day to move it all.  While Gadi was cool, calm and collected, I still had my doubts.  How on earth could all the stuff that was pouring out of every orifice of our apartment ever be tamed?  The answer to my question was a pleasant surprise.

Day 1 - Packing Day
Start Time:  8:00 a.m.
Finish Time: 11:30 a.m.
Gadi told us the NorthStar team would arrive somewhere between 8:00 a.m and 10:00 a.m. on   Thursday morning.  Unlike waiting for the cable company, Nick, Omar and Gill showed up at 8:10 ready to pack.  They supplied everything; boxes, bubble-wrap, tape, even power tools for dismantling furniture and appliances.  I had my doubts that these three strong, strapping men could pack my china gently and neatly, but these guys gave all of our breakables the red carpet treatment.  They took great care to pad all the boxes with extra paper and bubble-wrap to ensure that all the contents would make it to their final destination in one piece.  They worked so hard and so fast that by 11:30 the entire apartment was packed, all the boxes were labeled and ready to go, and I was feeling like a celebrity.  That left the afternoon free for me to go have a pedicure and pray that the next day would go just as smoothly...

Day Two - Moving Day
Start Time: 7:45 a.m.
Finish Time: 12:30 p.m.

Friday morning, to our delight, the guys showed up a whole fifteen minutes early and even brought one more set of hands with them, Iron.  They wasted no time and dove right in.  It seems that they have a system formulated, a sort of assembly line formation, which no doubt took years to develop and perfect, but they are not giving away any trade secrets.  When complimented with how fast and hard they work, the guys just smile and say, "Piece of cake!"  By 10:00 a.m. the apartment's contents were safely loaded onto the truck and by 10:30 a.m. the guys were unloading the truck into the new place.  By noon, the move was officially complete, but these hard-workers stayed an extra half an hour to give us a hand unpacking ALL the boxes so that they could cart away the empty boxes back to the warehouse.  

We are extremely grateful to have had a team as efficient and as knowledgeable as Nick, Omar, Gill and Iron.  They turned what surely would have been a horrid weekend for us into an enjoyable experience.  We can only say,

"Thanks a million"  to our expert team and all the insiders at NorthStar that made our move run so smoothly.  You saved our time, our weekend, and maybe even our relationship!

In addition to their five-star moving and storage services, NorthStar contributes to the following charities:  Make a Wish Foundation Los Angeles, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Goodwill of Southern California and sends care packages to our troops in Iraq.  If you or someone you know is planning a move in the near future, don't go it alone!  Let the good people at NorthStar give you a hand, or eight.  NorthStar specializes in luxury moves and high-end clientele, so moving the average Joe is, well, a piece of cake!

Red Carpet Service

With NorthStar Moving's red carpet service you would never know that the "Bachelor" slept in your bedroom.  Before the "Bachelor" and his competing ladies or "America's Next Top Models" move into their chosen multi-million dollar mansion, NorthStar Moving makes sure the real homeowner's treasured possessions are safely moved out with precision, ensuring that the homeowner never has to live with the reality that their home was transformed into a reality set. With picture perfect details such as photographing the contents of drawers and closets, and the exact arrangement of the vases on the bookshelves, in order to capture exactly how the homeowner's things are organized, NorthStar Moving can move the homeowner's possessions back home again and place the remote right back on the coffee table exactly where the homeowner left it before the whole reality show became a reality.

About NorthStar Moving Corporation
Founded in 1994, Los Angeles-based NorthStar Moving Corporation has redefined the moving and storage industry. Recommended by The Franklin Report,, and an impressive list of celebrity clientele, recipients of Angie's List Super Service Award, 'A' rated by the Better Business Bureau, and voted Citysearch Best Mover 2007, NorthStar Moving has proven the state-of-the-art way to move is with its red carpet service. The company's services include local, long distance, international, residential, and commercial moves, as well as full-service storage.  NorthStar Moving Corporation's mission is to exceed their clients' expectations with graceful customer care and to move service back into what should have always been the ultimate service industry: the moving industry.  For more information, please call (800) ASK PROS, or visit the company online at .

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