National Bartenders School Review - Have Fun, Earn Great Money, and Love Your Job!

Our class at National Bartenders School!

If you are thinking about finding a skill to acquire that can last you a lifetime and make you great money, consider becoming a bartender!

Being a bartender is great job for students as they make their way through college. It can help you earn lots of supplemental  income and it’s a heck of a lot of fun! Not only that, but it's great for anybody who likes to be in a social environment. Who wouldn’t like to be able to have fun at their job and make great money? I for one am not passing up that opportunity which is why I enrolled at National Bartenders School.

At National Bartenders School you will learn how to make these beautiful drinks too!

I chose National Bartenders School because in my research, I found it to be the best place to become a successful bartender. Being the only accredited school in North America, National Bartenders School will not only teach you everything there is to know about bartending, but the school also trains you in customer service to help your experience with customers be as gratifying as possible!

I ended up with a new set of friends!

National Bartenders School is always refining its Bartending Course to make sure they always have the most up-to-date training available! Their Bartending Course includes: Open/closing procedure; Sanitation; Mixology of over 200 drinks including wine and coffee; Precise Free Pouring; Money Handling; Upselling; Glassware; Liquor Substitutes; Techniques; Product Knowledge; Liquor Laws/Liability; Bar Setup and break down; Garnishes; Working under pressure; Cutting off customers; Customer Service; and Using Bar Tools.
National Bartenders School graduates are guaranteed free lifetime bartending job placement anywhere in the country. So wherever you go, the school will be able to send you out on job interviews and you will be able to bartend anywhere!

When I first signed up with National Bartenders School at the Sherman Oaks location I wasn’t quite sure what I was really getting myself into. When I think of school, I think of rules and no fun. National Bartenders School showed me a side of school that made me happily want to come to class everyday.

Day Instructor Michael making a Martini for two new students

It's important to know how to strain a drink correctly

The manager of the Sherman Oaks locationRick—advised me on what I was going to be expected to do. He let me know that I was amongst the best instructors and they were going to train me to be nothing less than a great bartender! He explained that with National Bartenders School, I would have to attend eight mandatory classes and once I complete them, I would be able to take the written and speed test that are required to pass. Then, I would be a certified bartender. The written test is only 80 questions about what you’ve learned in your eight classes and a speed test where you are timed in the making of 12 drinks of the manager's choice.

At first, I was a little concerned about how I would fit the eight classes into my crazy schedule. I was completely relieved when I was informed that the class schedule at National Bartending School is convenient for anyone with a busy schedule; the school has classes Monday through Saturday three times a day. You can come in to class when it fits your schedule either in the morning, afternoon, evening, or all day long if you’d like. Since my days are always filled up, evening and Saturday classes worked out best for me.

My classmates

During the first class I attended I was introduced to my two instructors Mark and Tim. They started the class with making sure every student knew every body’s name as well as something interesting about one another. This broke the ice amongst the class and initiated a fun and comfortable atmosphere. From then on Mark and Tim instructed the class as peers, not as teachers. With their style of training I knew that I wanted to be in class as much as possible because they really made training lively and exciting!

NBS students work together with flash cards and note books to make sure we get the job done right!

I have to say that my favorite times in class were right after the lessons ended and we all got behind the bar to practice making the drinks we just learned how to make. We were put in a real bar environment with all the necessary equipment, the lights were dimmed and music was turned on, we were able to get familiarized with a real live bar environment.

During the practice period I was able to work with my classmates and become at ease making and serving drinks. I really enjoyed working with my classmates. I ended up with new friends and we always had a great time. Instructors Mark and Tim helped us gain the skills and confidence we needed to become great bartenders.

We are taught precise free pouring

I looked forward to attending class each day because I felt that National Bartenders School made an effort to build a relationship with each one of us. The instructors have a genuine care to make sure students have fun, feel secure, and learn all the material we needed to become excellent at bartending. I never knew school could be so much fun in such a cool place!

With National Bartenders School I became a certified bartender in three and a half weeks! Once I passed my written and speed test, National Bartending School helped me put together my bartending resume and have been sending me to job interviews so I could start bartending as soon as possible!

Evening Instructor Mark making sure every thing is A-Okay!

He looks like a pro!

Whether if you are a college student, teacher, mechanic, judge, real estate agent, or a just an average Joe or Jill, you can become a certified bartender at National Bartenders School and find a part time job a couple nights a week to help your income or obtain a full time, great paying career.

Classes are scheduled from Monday through Saturday –

Mornings: 10am to 1pm
Afternoons: 2pm to 5pm
Evenings: 6pm to 10pm

For any questions about National Bartenders School in the Sherman Oaks, Ca location please contact manager Rick at (818) 783-0300.

You can check out their website at or call 1-800-508-7687 to find a school in your location.

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