N.R.G. Heating & Air Conditioning Review - Expert, Professional Service

N.R.G. Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing consumers with high quality climate control for 22 years. They specialize in modern equipment, but their expertise extends even to heaters over 80 years old! 

Crawling into the crawlspace

I own the Charlie Chaplin Cottages, which were built in 1922.  When there was a problem with the heating units, I wanted them fixed, not replaced.  Other companies wanted to sell me new heaters, but because of cost and aesthetics I didn’t want new heaters.  I called several different places, and I was repeatedly told that old floor heaters cannot be fixed.  Apparently, they didn’t have the expertise, or they just wanted to sell me one of their newer (and more expensive) products.

Surveying the problem from all angles

With N.R.G., it was a different story.  Their master technicians crawled under the house and repaired the floor heater, which had previously been red tagged by the gas department.  They also fixed a wall heater in another one of my properties by cleaning out the vent.  

Down in the basement

They were very professional.  They showed up on time, protected things and cleaned up after themselves.  The receptionist was very nice and called to verify that they were coming.  When they were finished, the antique heater worked great and gave intense heat.  They saved me a lot of money.

N.R.G. has grown over the years because of its dedication to the belief that a satisfied customer is its most valuable asset. The company makes every effort to perform its work in a prompt, professional manner.

A workman and his tools

N.R.G.’s expert technicians are factory-trained and knowledgeable in the installation and service of all major brands of heating and air conditioners. They continually upgrade their knowledge of new products, system designs and service techniques so that customers can have confidence that work will performed correctly the first time.

N.R.G.’s Heating, Air Conditioning installation and services is licensed, bonded and insured and maintains a complete fleet of radio dispatched trucks to ensure fast response to calls. Homeowners and the construction industry at large can have confidence in N.R.G.’s quality workmanship, attention to detail, and proven dependability. Whatever the size of the job, N.R.G. will spare no effort to complete the work to spec and on time.

Expert technician at work

They also specialize in air purification systems. They offer a wide variety of indoor air quality products designed to make your home more comfortable. At a minimum, every home comfort system should provide humidity control, high-efficiency air cleaning and a controlled source of outdoor air for ventilation.

If you are particularly sensitive to your indoor environment due to severe asthma or allergies, you may want to upgrade your system for increased comfort levels and even better IAQ. This can be done by adding components such as electronic air cleaners, air purifiers, heat recovery ventilators and energy recovery ventilators.

The N.R.G. chariot - they come to you

Carbon monoxide detectors provide constant monitoring of your indoor air to detect unsafe levels of carbon monoxide. In addition to having carbon monoxide detectors, it is strongly recommended that you have fuel-burning appliances (such as gas clothes dryers and furnaces) and venting systems maintained on a regular basis to eliminate potential carbon monoxide-related dangers that they may pose. Choose a high quality detector for more effective detection.  Choose N.R.G. for the best installation and service!

Tel: (818) 340-7333
Toll Free: (800) 880-0004

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