Eve Yun Designs Review - Debuting at L.A. Mart

Liana Furniture Set

Handcrafted contemporary furniture and home décor pieces by Eve Yun Designs/Yun International LLC are now on permanent display in a showroom at the L.A. Mart Design Center

The mid- to high-end, ready-made items—created primarily in rattan, satin and liana, a climbing wood, and colored in rich earth tones—fill a void within the home décor industry by delivering modern, aesthetically pleasing interior decorating products that come from nature, as well as reflect it. 

Rattan Lounge Set

“My inspiration for Eve Yun Designs stems from the Earth,” said Eve Yun, the company’s designer and CEO, and native of Seoul, South Korea.  “Colors exude a natural beauty, much like an autumn sunset, which captures the serene quality of the elements in the world around us.  The product line concentrates on organic materials for the environmentally conscious consumer and the contemporary customer with a sophisticated palate.”

The current product line, which combines the concept of modern, classic and natural with a subtle touch of Far East design, includes furniture and rose-aroma candles. 

La Vein Rose Collection Candle

Retail prices for the furniture range from just over $1,000 for end tables and accessory pieces to more than $40,000 for reception tables and large sofas. 

Eve Yun has worked as a fashion designer, merchandiser, and marketing director for a number of high-profile fashion, lingerie and leather companies and has served as business development agent in B2B and duty-free industries.  She is also currently the designer and CEO of Yun International, South Korea, with long-term clients of mostly high-end department stores and hotels, including the Hilton, J.W. Marriot and the Park Hyatt Hotel.  Yun has also created a unique themed collection of candles for a large art gallery group. 

Oriental Candle Collection

In addition to furniture and home décor products, Eve Yun Designs also provides customized design services and interior design. 

Yun has traveled the world for business extensively, making long-term stays in Italy, France, Singapore, Hong Kong and New York City.  She established her operations in Los Angeles in 2007.  She first received notice for her home décor products here and abroad with her popular handcrafted, individually packaged embossed rose-aroma candles, which have found residence in many five-star hotels and spas, including the Beverly Hills Wilshire.  Candle themes are “love,” “romance,” and “sensuality.”

Hard Wood Love Seat

Yun says her transition from the fashion industry to candles—and lately to furniture—was instinctive. 

From “natural beauty on earth, like a blue sky, deep clear ocean, wild flowers and exotic butterflies,” she says she finds inspiration for all of her work.  “The beauty of nature opens my heart and clears my mind to create my designs.”

The showroom is located on the third floor of the L.A. Mart, in suite 354.  Eve Yun’s studio is also located in the L.A. Mart.

More information about Eve Yun Designs can be found at www.eveyundesigns.com

Satin Chaise Lounge

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