Credit Cleaners Review -- Say Good Bye To Bad Credit Blues

Turn your bad credit into great credit with Credit

CreditCleaners.Net can help you clean your credit - they guarantee it 100%. Your credit history follows you for the rest of your life. Your credit history comes from a credit report that shows a record of an individual's or company's past borrowing and repaying, including information about late payments and bankruptcy. Having bad credit is like being haunted and can prevent you from getting a loan to purchase a car, a house, or even prevent you from getting a low interest credit card (or worse, no credit card). Having a bad credit score is not a good thing.

Experian, Equifax® and TransUnion are a few of the companies that keep record of this information on millions of people. They're like ghosts that keep a track record of what credit cards you applied for (if you were denied or approved) and whether you made payments or not.  If you have paid your bills, your okay and that will reflect your record. But if you haven't paid your bills,  they let the world know when you are delinquent or failed to pay your notes, and that you are a bad risk to loan money - your life can be screwed.

I should know. I've been experiencing the bad credit blues for over a year now, and I feel like a monkey is on my back. I've been having trouble getting approved for lower interest rates on credit cards, and even worse, I haven't been able to take advantage of lower interest rates to refinance my home. A good credit score (called fico score) may be from 700 - 900. While anything from 600 and lower can harm you and keep from saving thousands of dollars.  

Credit can help you stop paying high credit card interest rates

Unfortunately, my score was not in the 700 - 900 range. Finally, I had enough and called Associated Credit Cleaners. Although I was reluctant, I felt at ease  after speaking with the owner: Rand Miller. Rand has been doing this business for almost 20 years and he truly wants to help you regain an A+ credit rating again. Rand doesn't care how bad your credit is, he believes there is a way to clean up your credit and actually have excellent credit.

CreditCleaners.Net makes it simple for you to get started on a clean credit report. They took basic information from me and my credit report was sent to me via email. Rand Miller and I discussed what I had to do - he basically held my hand and walked me through what I had to do on my end - he took care of the rest which is the worst part and I propbably would have never, in my life, done this part without Rand Miller.

Credit can help you save your hard earned money

For example, approximately, 5 years ago, I was late 30 days on my gas credit card. I never was aware of this, but this brought down my credit score. Needless to say, I had a few more of these on my credit record and this has precluded me from taking advantage of saving my hard earned money.  

CreditCleaners.Net is a Credit Repair Service that conducts business nationwide. They repair credit, clean credit, and fix credit. They also correct credit after bankruptcy, repossession, divorce and foreclosure.
CreditCleaners.Net negotiate debt, collections, charge-offs, and judgments. They improve credit scores [Fico, Fair Isaac, Beacon, and Empirica]. After your credit issues are resolved or neutralized, then they will advise you on how to
re-establish your credit if needed.

Bad credit affects your whole family

CreditCleaners.Net began in 1989 by Rand Miller. While in the mortgage business, Rand Miller had realized how certain credit problems were preventing many of his mortgage customers from qualifying for financing. After investing hundreds of hours working closely with a local credit reporting company on methods of correcting and repairing credit, he decided to apply his newly acquired knowledge to the benefit of his mortgage customers.

Immediately Rand Miller saw significant results. He went back through his database of declined loans, contacted these unfortunate customers and began working on their credit. After investing as little as 30 to 40 days worth of credit repair work on a customers credit report, he would then resubmit their credit file to underwriting for approval. His clients loans would get approved.

Satisfied clients spread the word about Rand Miller's skill and professionalism at cleaning their credit and helping them qualify for their home loan. That all started in 1989 and has continued to this day. Although Rand Miller still actively participates in his mortgage business he has opened up his credit cleaning business CreditCleaners.Net to not only his mortgage customers, but also to customers nationwide who can benefit from his years of credit cleaning experience.

Credit will help you sleep better at night

He realizes that poor credit not only can disqualify a person from purchasing a home, business or car, poor credit can also prevent a job promotion in law enforcement or promotion to a high security government position. Since 1989 satisfied customers have been referring clients to Rand Miller. The website CreditCleaners.Net was established to make it easier for past satisfied customers to refer a friend. All a person has to do now is go to CreditCleaners.Net and read a sample of the testimonies, read about how the credit repair program works, then submit a request online.

Rand Miller continues to fund through purchase loans, refinances and equity loans for those with less than perfect to horrible credit, he prefers to clean their credit first, to help them save money on their interest rate and loan costs. For such a small investment, a person can have their credit cleaned. If they are purchasing a home or business, the financial benefit of having cleaner credit or a higher credit score can equate to a savings of thousands of dollars in saved loan fees and sometimes tens of thousands saved in lower interest of 10 to 15 years. This small investment can easily save $1000 to $3000 on loan fees for a car loan. On a home loan the cost for having a 580 mid credit score as compared to a 680 mid credit score could easily be a difference from being offered a 5.5% interest rate versus an 8.5% interest rate, or paying $5,000 to $7000 in extra loan points upfront.

Credit will help you clean up your credit report

So many times customers go to CreditCleaners.Net after they have just refinanced with XYZ Mortgage Company into a high 7%-8% or 9% interest rate and having paid 1% to 3% in points ($2000 to $6000), then they go the CreditCleaners.Net for credit repair. They clean their credit and prove to them that they can refinance their loan at a 5% or 6% interest rate with zero points. They are happy to save the money, but often they say, "if we had just called you before we refinanced we could have saved thousands."

CreditCleaners.Net has improved my fica scores 100 points, and my credit report is much cleaner - this makes my life better and I can sleep better at night.

Click her for more information about CreditCleaners.Net. But if you don't want to read the website, just listen to the CreditCleaners.Net audio files.

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