5 reasons Ashford University may be right for you

If you’ve decided you want to go back to school, congratulations, you have taken an important step toward improving your future. Now comes the tricky part: how do you determine which school is right for you? There are many great options available, including Ashford University.

Ashford University strives to provide accessible, affordable, innovative, high-quality learning opportunities and degree programs.

If this style sounds like the type of university that interests you, here are a few other things that set Ashford apart so you can determine if enrolling there might be right for you.

Online courses that fit your lifestyle

These days we’re all busy. But If you’ve put off pursuing your college education because you can’t make the time requirements of traditional college courses fit into your schedule, that doesn’t need to hold you back any more.

Since Ashford offers online degree programs, you can more easily adjust your schedule to complete your assignments. This access allows you to learn when it’s most convenient for you. Since Ashford’s courses run continuously, there are no semesters. This flexibility allows you to learn throughout the year.

As a student at Ashford you will typically enroll in one course at a time, so you can give the material your undivided attention. Once you have passed the course, you will enroll in a second course and continue along this path until you have achieved your degree.

Students who enroll in Ashford with no previous college credits typically finish in four years, right on pace or ahead of traditional university settings.

You can learn more about the experiences of Ashford students by reading their online success stories. You’ll see how pursing a degree from Ashford University has improved the lives of many students and how much it meant to them to be able to finish their degrees online.  

Follow the career path you choose

Many people mistakenly believe that opting to attend a university online will limit their degree program choices. While this may be true with some universities, Ashford University students have access to a wide variety of fields.

One study shows just how many professional opportunities are available to Ashford students. The data comes from a survey of university graduates conducted in August of 2011. In all, 2,299 graduates responded to the survey. Included here are some of the 67 different professions that at least five Ashford graduates were currently working in:

* Education administrator

* Human resources manager

* Marketing manager

* Police or detective

* Logistics manager

* Financial manager

* Government property inspector

As you can see, Ashford graduates enjoy successful professions in numerous fields. Visit the Ashford degrees page to learn more about your options and how Ashford can help you prepare for the professional opportunities you’ve been dreaming of.

Reign of the CHAMPS

For students who have attended traditional universities, the online university environment can be a very different experience, especially for students returning to school after a lapse in enrollment.

Ashford University’s CHAMPS mentor program, set to launch later this year, aims to assist students during this transition time.

CHAMPs stands for Collaborative Holistic Academic Mentoring for Peer Success.

CHAMPS peer mentors are Ashford students themselves, and they will help new online university students to:

* Acclimate to the demands of returning to school

* Learn what it takes to be academically successful at Ashford University

* Adjust to studying online

* Create a sense of community and belonging among Ashford’s online students.

CHAMPS mentors must have completed at least 50 credits at Ashford University with 18 or fewer credits remaining before they graduate. They must also have a GPA of 3.5 or higher. This program promises to be a mutually beneficial opportunity for both mentor and mentee, as mentors gain valuable leadership/coaching experience and mentees gain veteran advice they need to be successful in their online program.

Expanded credit transferring options

If you’ve ever tried to transfer from one university to another, you know that in many cases not all of your credits will transfer. As a student, that reality can be frustrating because you know all the hard work you put into earning those credits and you also remember the expenses that came with it.

At Ashford, transferring students and their credits are welcomed. Even students who are transferring after a gap in enrollment are given opportunities to transfer past credits.

To make the transfer process more efficient, Ashford has signed articulation agreements with hundreds of community colleges. These agreements ensure that the credits you worked for and paid for transfer correctly when you enroll in Ashford. If you’re interested in learning more about this process, you can speak with an Ashford advisor to see how you can transfer up to 90 of your previously earned credits, upon approval, and apply them toward a Bachelor’s degree.

Turn your life experience into college credit

Ashford University understands that not all life skills are learned in the classroom. Many students start an online program equipped with unique skill sets developed in the real world. Ashford University thinks its students deserve credit for the abilities they already possess.

If you have served in the military, owned your own business, or can speak a second language, you may be eligible for college credit at Ashford University. Once you’ve enrolled at Ashford, the Prior Learning Assessment team will review your work and life experience, training, professional development, continuing education, and workshops to see if these experiences translate to college credit. In most cases, you will be asked to document what you’ve learned. This recognition will allow you to speed up your degree path and move closer toward graduation.

Enrolling in a new university can be exciting. While the number of online options can seem overwhelming, each university has its own benefits that make it distinctly unique. To learn more about Ashford University and whether it is the right university for you, visit Ashford.edu.  

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