Web-com 'The Louise Log' Whispers and Wins!

Described by LA writer/producer Tom Diggs as 'Woody Allen without the incest,' neurosis fueled web-comedy 'The Louise Log' walked away with two wins at the LA Web Series Festival. Pocketing 'Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series' and 'Outstanding Lead Actress' for Christine Cook.


But who is Louise and what is her Log about, I hear you ask? 


Well, it's a web-com who's caffeine-addicted heroine whispers all her inner anxieties and resentments towards life, to herself. Needless to say, this particular NYC housewife is a bit of an emotional wreck. Who wouldn't be, with an over indulgent diva for a husband and her 'newly bohemian' in-laws as house mates. Who between the two of them, sport some of the most hilarious hairdos and over the top outfits I've seen since Ab Fab. Check out this latest episode of The Louise Log (Season 3, Episode 3), where the Pageboy haircut is used to it's full effect!


Fab Do's of The Newly Bohemian



Created by Sundance veteran Anne Flournoy, the show first gained real popularity after being recommended by Roger Ebert and vagina monologuist Suzy Soro. It's one of those hidden gems, that you hear about word of mouth. Now back for it's 3rd season, after fans supported a successful crowdfunding campaign (raising over $22,000) on Seed&Spark. The series will consist of at least ten episodes, starting this month.


Anne Flournoy

"Having the audience finance the production gave me a huge boost in confidence to go crazy with the script," gushed Flournoy. "Lucky for me, my wizard co-writer Mordecai Green found a way to turn the crazy into stories. And then, working with wildly talented actors, our only real problem was having to stop shooting because the cast was breaking up laughing." The biggest change the audience will see this season, is with the protagonist herself. "We knew last summer that the original Louise was not returning, that we'd have to recast and we did," explained Flournay. Now Morgan Hallet is taking over the reins (as seen in these latest stills/clips) and that familiar analytical inner monologue, seems to really suit her.  


New 'Louise' Morgan Hallett


Cast of Characters:

Morgan Hallett - Louise

Everett Quinton - Ethelred

Danusia Trevino - Queen Elizabeth

Joseph Franchini - Phineas

Jennifer Sklias-Gahan - Ava


For more info go to the official site:


FB: https://www.facebook.com/TheLouiseLog (daily updates)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheLouiseLog (daily updates)


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