WINNIE-THE-POOH, the newest chapter in the endearing tale from WALT DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIOS, recently hosted its World Premiere creating a storybook fantasy land for the adorable animation classic on the WALT DISNEY STUDIO LOT in Burbank, California.

WALT DISNEY hosts the World Premiere of WINNIE-THE-POOH.

Magically transforming their home into the Hundred Acre Wood for a honey of a good time WALT DISNEY STUDIOS completed the picture with honey pots and golden honey, live action sets, larger than life storybook displays lining the honey colored carpet, along with a host of celebrities, family and friends to join in the fun.

Singer/Songwriter/Actress Zooey Deschanel at the World Premiere of WINNIE-THE-POOH.

Walking the Honey colored carpet for the WINNIE-THE-POOH premiere were Jim Cummings, the voice of Pooh and Tigger , Travis Oates, the voice Piglet, Bud Luckey voice of Eeyore, Craig Ferguson, voice of Owl, Tom Kenny, voice of Rabbit, Producer Peter Del Vecho,  Directors Stephen Anderson and Don Hall, Senior Storyboard Artist Burny Mattinson and Singer/Songwriter/Actress  Zooey Deschanel who collaborated on several the tracks.  

Storyboard artist for WINNIE-THE-POOH including Burny Mattinson, Mark Henn and Eric Goldberg.


Winnie-the-Pooh, adapted from A.A. Milne’s timeless treasure, brings Christopher Robin and his beloved imaginary friends to life as they begin this journey with a very important thing to do. As a self confessed bear of little brain, Pooh, sets the loveable tone in this mission of discovery as each of the characters are faced with a moment of self sacrifice for the sake of friendship.  

WINNIE-THE-POOH Producer Peter Del Vecho.

Narrated by British comedian John Cleese, who reads the delightful dialogue as voice over throughout the film, WINNIE-THE-POOH blends both printed word and picture to create an unfolding visual page turning unforgettable children’s story.

On the Honey Carpet.

Celebrating fifty years of the world’s most cuddly bear, WALT DINSEY introduced a new WINNIE-THE-POOH story for a contemporary generation.  According to John Lasseter, COO of WALT DISNEY ANIMATIONS STUDIO and Executive Producer of WINNIE-THE-POOH, “We always set out to make a movie that will transcend generations –appeal to kids, entertain their teenage brothers and sister and make Mom and Dad laugh out loud.” WINNIE-THE-POOH does just that.

The Burbank Studio lot transformed into a fantasyland for Pooh Bear Lovers.

WINNIE-THE-POOH, is one of WALT DISNEY’s most treasured franchises, dating back to the 1960’s when the original twenty-five minute featurette , WINNIE-THE-POOH AND THE BLUSTRY DAY, was released.  “It did so well, “According to Burny Mattinson,  Senior Storyboard Artist, “Walt said, ‘Let’s put out a second one.’ And WINNIE-THE-POOH AND THE BLUSTRY DAY did even better and won an Academy Award®.” There were two other developments in the POOH franchise, WINNIE-THE-POOH and TIGGER TOO which later developed into THE MANY ADVENTURES OF WINNIE-THE-POOHreleased in 1977.

WALT DISNEY presents the World Premiere of WINNIE-THE-POOH.

Peter Del Vecho, the film’s Producer, stated, “We’re returning to not only the literary route-the A.A. Milne Books-but also the DISNEY roots. We haven’t actually animated those characters within the Walt Disney Animation Studios walls for thirty-five years.”

The Storyboards come to life at the WINNIE-THE-POOH World Premiere.

As the cacophony of life can squeeze from all sides WINNIE-THE-POOH and the Hundred Acre Wood is the perfect place to escape into the simplicity that is missed as we travel at dot.com speed. WINNIE-THE-POOH and all his charming friends bring to the screen a new chapter on a delightful and cherished story.  WINNIE-THE-POOH is good fun and a great escape for the entire family.

Storyboards line the Honey Colored Carpet.

WINNIE-THE-POOH opens everywhere July 15, 2011.

Christopher Robin's live action set.

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