CARS 2, the newest 3-D animated feature from Walt Disney Pictures and PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS, recently hosted its World Premiere turning Hollywood Blvd into an international speedway with special appearances by racing legend Lightning McQueen, his best buddy Mater and International Super Spy, Finn McMissile.

Owen "Lightning McQueen" Wilson at the World Premiere of CARS 2.

Directed by animation virtuoso John Lasseter, CARS 2 reunites all your favorite friends from Radiator Springs and introduces a few new ones to create a globetrotting, fast action, espionage adventure.

On the red carpet with racing legend Lightning McQueen, his best buddy Mater and International Super Spy, Finn McMissile.

CARS 2 gathered an all star cast including Sir Michael Caine, Owen Wilson, Larry The Cable Guy, Emily Mortimer, John Turturro, Eddie Izzard, Joe Mantegna, Peter Jacobson, Cheech Marin, Bonnie Hunt and John Ratzenberger to personify the characters of this already primo DISNEY-PIXAR classic.

Peter Jacobson voice talent of "Acer."

A zero-to-sixty in six seconds, four-on-the-floor, high-speed cat and mouse chase, CARS 2 comes fully loaded with all the intrigue of a timeless spy thriller including British Secret Agent Finn McMissile (Sir Michael Caine), his stalwart operations agent, Holley Shiftwell, (Emily Mortimer) who, in a race to expose an explosive organized crime syndicate meet up with Mater (Larry The Cable Guy) and Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) as they travel the world in a global grand prix sponsored by, Sir Miles Axelrod (Eddie Izzard), a Richard Bransonesque mogul.

John Ratzenberger voice talent of "Mack."

The entertaining feature tests the strength of the friendship between, the rusted, country bumpkin,
unsophisticated Mater and worldly, internationally known, celebrity racer Lightning McQueen as they travel through the world’s most exotic and exciting cities each on an journey of their own. 

Fans lining the stands at the World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animations CARS 2.

Having the opportunity to participate in the CARS 2 Media Junket the following are excerpts from the Press
Conference with Sir Michael Caine and Roundtables with John Lasseter.

Owen Wilson.

From the Press Conference with Sir Michael Caine 

Janet Walker: Hi Michael: My name is Janet Walker. My question for you is “What are some of your most memorable moments from working on this film and becoming Finn McMissile?

Sir Michael Caine: Well, the great thing first is to be called Finn McMissile. I couldn’t resist it. And then they said, I was a spy and then they said, you’re a 1966 Aston Martin, pale blue, I thought, ‘this is perfect for me.’ But there was also something pre that. Just recently, in the past three years, I’ve got three
grandchildren. And of course, the reason, I really wanted to do it was because I wanted them to see me. They know my voice. They (PIXAR/DISNEY) gave me a car with my voice, a little model car and I brought it back here and my grandchildren play with it and they know it’s me. So, I’ve got this tremendous bond with my grandchildren though his film. Because if you think about it, the films that I make, little children can’t go and see them and so it was a wonderful opportunity for me and the director (John Lasseter) is an incredible guy by the way.

Sir Michael Caine via satellite from his London home.

Janet Walker: Sir Michael, you mentioned that you were Stanislavsky, that you were a Method Actor, how did you use that to become your character in this film?

Sir Michael Caine:  Well, you use your own experiences in Life. You use what Stanislavsky called Sense
Memory which is where you use things in your own life to make you laugh or cry. But you also do something which is very practical with Stanislavsky. He said the rehearsal is the work the performance is the relaxation.  So what that means is that by the time you get to the performance you’ve rehearsed it until you’re blue in the face and with the line, you say ‘could you remember it?’ You couldn’t say any other line, you’ve said it a thousand times, a quarter of a million times, and you are so relaxed about it, that’s the secret of Stanislavsky. The rehearsal is the work. And also, you don’t study other actors. You sit on the subway and study real people.

John Lasseter joins the Michael Caine Press Conference.

I remember, I watch the news all the time, and I’m always watching real people react to things. I remember when the young lady died (Space Shuttle Astronaut Christie McAuliffe) in the Space, [she] went up in Space, I think there were seven, I think it was the first young women, and the thing exploded and they cut to her parents who were watching. Now me included, I include myself in this, and every other actor, would have gone ‘Oh my God! Making crying reaction noises if you were playing the parent’ you’d scream and burst into tears. Those two people stood there for five minutes, absolutely still, they never moved, CNN has that news reel footage, you can see. They just stood there and looked at the sky, they did nothing, they didn’t cry, they didn’t scream, they didn’t laugh. But of course for a movie actor you couldn’t stand there for
five minutes and do nothing. I would’ve added a bit of stuff.

Davis Cleveland at the World Premiere of CARS 2.

From the Roundtables with John Lasseter, CCO of PIXAR Animation Studios and Director of CARS 2.

Janet Walker: What was one of your most memorable moments, it sounds like there were many of them, but do you have one of them, oh and great shirt by the way.

Sarah Hyland co-star of ABC's Modern Family.

John Lasseter:  It is the CARS 2 Hawaiian shirt. For me, it was so much fun to come back to directing because I have two jobs, Chief Creative Officer at PIXAR Animation Studios and the Walt Disney Animation Studios and I work with [Walt Disney] Imagineering as well. Coming back to direct, I think to me, working with the artists. As the CCO, I’m working with the creative team, the leadership, but as director, I get to work with all the artists that I’ve picked out, to do the animation, do the lighting, the modeling, all the tasks, and the level of talent is just
staggering. So I really enjoyed that.

Food Network Star Guy Fieri with his son.

The memorable moments? Working with Michael Caine. [Stressing] I’m talking Michael Caine we got him in our movie. Oh my goodness!  Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable you know, they’re like good friends now and they’re so brilliant and I loved working with them. But, Michael Caine was so exciting, and then Emily Mortimer, whom I just fell in love with. Her character kept growing because of how good she is and that’s one of the exciting things I think about animation is that the development of the story is kind of like a
journey where you start bringing actors in fairly early and start recording especially the new characters, Michael Caine’s character, Emily Mortimer’s character, Holley Shiftwell, John Turturro’s character, he’s brilliant as Francesco Bernoulli the formula lead car.

Joe "Grem" Mantegna and Peter "Acer" Jacobson at the CARS 2 Roundtables.

You get so inspired by the first recording session, then you go back and as your developing it further it’s like
ah! The first session with John Turturro this is, its comic gold! I knew right away from the first line, he said, we kept adding him because I knew everywhere we put him he was hilarious and he’d steal
the show. And Eddie Izzard just killed it as Sir Miles Axelrod.

Larry The Cable Guy, voice of Mater, and Emily Mortimer, voice talent of Holley Shiftwell.

CARS 2 a comedic action adventure of discovery, friendship, life and love in the fast lane races to a theater near you Friday, June 24th, 2011.  Check local listings for times.

CARS 2 opens in theaters June 24th.

For more information on CARS 2: www.disney.go.com/cars

On the red carpet with Finn McMissile and Lightning McQueen.

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