Waiting For Grace Review - What Does A Woman Really Need?



Waiting For Grace - Photos by Ed Krieger.

Does true love really exist? And if so, how do you know when it happens?  And what do you do if it never does?


Grace had always thought she had it all - a great career and – and what?  She realizes that she really now wants a marriage and a baby.  With her clock ticking, she goes frantically from relationship to relationship.    They feel good, for the moment, but none of her men want to marry her.   Seeking help from her mom – who offers her chocolates to make her feel better, and her dad, who seems distant and non-committal, as well as friends and a relationship expert.   The latter advises her to say yes, even when she wants to say no.


Waiting For Grace - Photos by Ed Krieger.

These are the questions addressed by writer/actress  Sharon Sharth in her world premiere comedy of Waiting For Grace now playing at the Odyssey Theatre.   Produced by Raquel Lehrman of Theatre Planners and directed by Lee Costello,  it stars Todd Babcock, Pamela Dunlap, Lily Knight, Jeff LeBeau, Sharon Sharth and Bob Telford


Waiting For Grace - Photos by Ed Krieger.

While the star, Sharon Sharth, was amazing, Bob Telford, who played over 5 roles, deserves kudos, too.   Pamela Dunlap also goes from overbearing mother to professional counselor. 


Waiting For Grace - Photos by Ed Krieger.

As females, we have been ingrained that we need a man to survive, to complete us and while all of us might not want it, trying to have children on our own sans marriage or being in alternative relationships,  we  often succumb to society’s expectations, fretting even as our biological clocks tick. 


Waiting For Grace - Photos by Ed Krieger.

Many woman – and men, too – can relate to this story.  It’s the real tear and feelings of guilt that women experience when trying to divide their careers with wanting marriage and children and the ability or inability to balance this.  


Since the story is based on “finding a loving marriage” we don’t learn much about her tearing desire to continue her career.  Does she give it up at the end?  Grace ultimately finds her soul-mate – but has to learn compromise in her relationship and define what she really wants.    So again for us women it comes down to what is priority in our lives? What do we give up and can we give it up?   Can we remain strong and independent while still having a good relationship where we feel respected and loved?  Maybe. 


Waiting For Grace - Photos by Ed Krieger.

Waiting For Grace gives you something to think about.    


Waiting For Grace -Photos by Ed Krieger.

The play runs from November 12, 2016, to December 11, 2016 with performances at 8 pm Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and 2 pm on Sundays.  (Dark Nov 24.) Tickets costing  $35 can be had by phone – 323-960-7788 or from the site


Some street parking is available as is valet for $4.



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