Vikki Lizzi's Birthday Bash at Naya Lounge in Hollywood on October 4, 2012

If you think the Hollywood lifestyle is anything like you see on TV with all the glitz, glamour and perfection. It’s not even close to the reality that really goes on behind the scenes. It is one of the most difficult careers for anyone with a dream to even experience a glimpse of this stardom.

When you finally get into the spotlight, and you just want to let down your hair and enjoy yourself at you own birthday party. It never ends up being that easy.

Take for intense a most recent experience that happened inHollywood, the birthday party of recording artist/TV personality Vikki Lizzi as she got a taste of Murphy's Law first hand "If anything can go wrong, it will."

It was similar to a 3 ring circus of circumstances. Originally there was supposed to be surprise performance by the up and coming pop star Kuba Ka to celebrate Vikki’s birthday, but unfortunately that never happened. For some reason the person in charge of organizing the show mistakenly forgot the backup music, and absentmindedly didn’t bring a microphone for Kuba to perform with. So at that point the chances of having a show were very unlikely.

However Kuba Ka was prepared and ready. He arrived 30 minutes prior to show time in a white stretch limo packed with a dozen of his good friends ready to party the night away.

Kuba Ka, Sabrina Parisi, Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff, Vikki Lizzi, DJ Serafin

The word hadn’t got out yet that there wasn’t going to be a show as planned, so as Vikki and the crowd anxiously awaited, and the night got later people started to suspect that this huge surprise performance wasn’t going to happen. Some of Kuba and Vikki’s friends that we there to celebrate the party were Corey Feldman, Prodigal Sunn, Wu Tang Clan, Isaac Singleton Jr., Sabrina Parisi, Pamela Bach Hasselhoff and Al Walser. Even the Prince of Germany showed up to support.

Corey Feldman, Vikki Lizzi, Kuba Ka

Isaac Singleton Jr., Vikki Lizzi, Kuba Ka

After Kuba’s performance didn’t get to happen they decided to put their good friend DJ Serafin in the booth to spin for the remaining of the night, and that’s when another disaster hit. Apparently the turn tables that were being supplied for DJ Serafin were taken out of the building by the dj that was there earlier in the night, so Serafin wasn’t able to spin into the rest of the night.

At this point Serafin decided to get creative and took out his ipod, plugged it into the venues soundboard, and began playing Vikki's favorite drop mix.

Since Kuba’s show didn’t go on, and dancers were still somewhere in the venue they decided to round them up, and have them put on a dance routine to close out the night. As security looked around they determined that the dancers had already left the building.

After all that went on that night, and the surprise performance never happening, I guess there were still plenty of “surprises” for the party because no one ever expected any of this craziness to unfold.

In essence the performance was postponed. The management of the elegant Naya lounge where the party took place has agreed to give Vikki a make up party because of all the mishaps that happened that night at their venue.  

The night continued on at a private after party that took place at Vikki’s residence in Hollywood.

I guess the bright side of the night was that every seemed to consume plenty of alcohol so hopefully all the craziness that went on that night was just a blur the next day.


About Kuba Ka-

Kuba is in the works of his high octane explosive album on Universal, and is currently recording with Sean Garrett and is now the new artist of creative director Laurieann Gibson (Lady Gaga). The singer was discovered by Frank Dileo, and was the only other artist to have been signed by Michael Jackson's manager.

Kuba and Vikki are planning a duet together on their separate new albums as the two joined forces earlier this year and discovered they have had similar pasts that have nearly killed them and have written about their journeys and how they have overcome past dark challenges and have emerged triumphant from the storms of disaster.  Also stay tuned for Vikki and Sabrina's special on TLC airing this month and their upcoming inspiring reality show. Sabrina and Vikki's show on TLC airs on Oct 30, 2012

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