Vevo Presents: The Greyhound- Music & Custom Cocktails

On April 19th Vevo presented a party of epic proportions for ABSOLUT Greyhound at the Belasco in downtown LA. The party was in celebration of the first music track inspired by an ABSOLUT cocktail – ABSOLUT Greyhound. Upon entering the venue guest were greeted by statuesque female warriors from another galaxy granting guest’s entrance into their world. The heavy doors swung open and immediately invigorated guests with the sounds of house music and lights that captivate your attention. 

The Gatekeeper


Illuminated shelves showcased large bottles reminiscent of expensive figurines, with signature blue writing that alerted party goers of encapsulated fun in liquid form. Guests excitedly gathered around the bar for an opportunity to indulge in a glass of ABSOLUT Greyhound. With every passing minute the Belasco allowed entry to anxious guest who packed the venue wall to wall, while dancing and anxiously awaiting the surprise music guest. Guests were also provided the option to get fresh air on a sprawling outside terrace overlooking the surrounding skyscrapers. While guest sipped cocktails in the California breeze they watched the latest ABSOLUT Greyhound video projected from the Belasco.



Party-goers On The Terrace

Joel Madden, Nicole Scherzinger, Joe Jonas, Michael Trevino and girlfriend Jenna Ushkowitz, Victoria Harvey, JoJo, DJ Stevie Wonder and DJ Spider were all ushered two stories up to the mezzanine where luxurious accommodations were made for celebrity guests. Expensive red leather booths were complimented by silver buckets of chilled ABSOLUT bottles, while beautiful cocktail waitresses walked around the roped off area eager to refill empty glasses.

Joel Madden and Nicole Scherzinger

Joe Jonas

Private Bottle Service

As the party raged on with sounds from Politik and Tim Mason, cabaret dancers threw 12 inch glow sticks into the excited crowd before the venue went completely black. In anticipation the crowd cheered wildly in the dark room as if being blind folded and waiting on a surprise. The volume rose along with the crowd’s energy and within seconds the room was illuminated by laser lights and enormous plasma screens that read Swedish House Mafia. The house super group began to play their hottest new track “Greyhound.” ABSOLUT VODKA announced their newest music collaboration – ABSOLUT Greyhound, with Swedish House Mafia. As part of the “Drinks” campaign, Swedish House Mafia headlines with the first original music track inspired by an ABSOLUT cocktail – “Greyhound.” Together with a music video and a digital remix application, it kicks off an experience dedicated to drinks and music.

Laser Show

Joel Madden, Nicole Scherzinger and Swedish House Mafia

The energy in the room continued to increase as if it were controlled by a temperature gauge. Laser lights danced off the gigantic walls and the entire room became united as guest jumped up and down in unison to the music. Celebrities stood to their feet, waving glow sticks and dancing with friends. Swedish House Mafia closed the evening with pink confetti shooting from the ceiling while the crowd roared to the last beat showing their appreciation for an unforgettable experience.


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