Time Warner Customers are Angry as The Cable Giant Drops CM Digital Talk Radio From it’s Los Angeles Lineup

After 29 years, Time Warner Cable Drops Family-Owned CRN

Time Warner Cable in southern California has dropped CRN Digital Talk Radio, a leading producer and distributor of talk radio programming from its lineup in Los Angeles, San Diego and Desert Cities and their customers are disappointed and angry.

“Time Warner has issued inaccurate “programming alerts” and dropped CRN and our high quality talk radio programming, but we’re very pleased at the great outcry and support we’ve received from Time Warner customers,” said Michael Horn, CEO and president of CRN.  “We have been in the Southern California market for nearly 30 years and the support we are receiving has been amazing.”

Time Warner Cable’s decision to discontinue CRN Digital Talk has left  listeners without access to such popular programs as “The Dennis Miller Show,’ “The Thom Hartmann Show,” “The Robert Conrad Show,” “The Larry Manetti Show,” “The Fred Dryer Show,” “George Putnam’s Talk Back with Chuck Wilder,” “Radio Mujer,” and many other shows.

“We’ve been flooded with Facebook messages, e-mails, and telephone calls from Time Warner customers who are irate at losing the ability to listen to and record their favorite CRN programs on television,” Horn said.

Time Warner customers have begun signing an online petition asking Time Warner to reinstate CRN to its lineup. Those interested may sign the petition at: www.ipetitions.com/petition/i-want-crn.  Customers have also expressed their displeasure to Time Warner by calling 888-TW-CABLE and email, [email protected].


CRN syndicates the hottest talent in talk radio to satellite and cable systems around the country, (including Cox Communications, Comcast Cable and others), broadcast radio stations, the Internet and a variety of talk radio applications.  Check show availability or listen online at http://www.CRNTalk.com.


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