Think Again God Theater Review - Finding God with Inspiration


Think Again God at The Eclectic Theater Company

There is something intrinsically profound about the synchronicity of the universe in that the most random things come together as a puzzle seeming meaningless at the moment. The spiritual laws of God help us to see the bigger picture inside the gray metaphors of the spiritual world approaching things from a different light. We take a trip inside the journey and mystical insight of the spiritual realm with a bit of comedy and drama, a well chosen entertaining perspective!


The on stage live play Think Again God at the famed The Eclectic Theater Company in North Hollywood on October 18th, 2014 took off with a wind of inspiration, as producer and actress of the play, Havilah Gianetti took center stage in opening the show setting the dramatic/comedic vibe with that spiritual twist. Religious inspiration in today’s modern world is s lost cause, unless interpreted in a relatable way of the vast dwindling audience of Christian supporters. I was floored with Rev Paul T. Buice heart-strucken performance about his troubling journey through life on the treacherous road of addiction, betrayal, poverty, and abandonment. It is almost a mainstream cliché of the same story over and over of addiction and poverty that the majority of aspiring artists tackle for a chance at Hollywood stardom. Rev Paul T. Buice sets the record straight and takes the rare opportunity to perform a live one-man show to tell his story in a way we can connect and gain a deeper understanding of the mainstream commonality of addiction and recovery in Los Angeles interpreted in the spiritual lines of the Bible and God. I had a chance to interview Rev Paul T. Buice to gain a better understanding of his life and worldwide message and direction of religious and spiritual healing in the world.


1. What was your inspiration for doing the play?

I wanted to share a personal story. I feel I am called in life to share my deepest intimate secrets and not be afraid to be judged. I am called to help others avoid the path I was on for years.


2.  Did you have that epiphany moment on stage that many actors do in their work?

No, the performance was consistent inside. I even wrote the last line an hour or two before the play began. It was a powerful message. No matter how unworthy we feel, we can all still follow this.


3What is your background and experience as an actor?

I directed a play called “Mime” in high-school. I was also a part of the drama teams in youth.


4. What was the deciding moment to turn your life around?

It was after I got drunk and high with my face down on the payment and could not move. The very next week I read a book by C.S. Lewis “Mere Christianity” and every since then it called to me. The Bible called to me like never before.


5.What are your future plans to serve God?

I am going to continue to share my tough experiences. I want to be transparent, vulnerable, and straight with people. I want to let them know how I experienced God. I want to be a public speaker on this subject. I am also the department head of Media at my church “New City Church”. Please feel free to join my blog and learn more about my vision at


The inspirational play winds down with an inherent impact on the audience in re-thinking the mystical mind-blending realm of the spiritual world. As times passes by before our feet moment by moment, it is introspective that every human being reflect on each passing moment as we search to find meaning and happiness in a fast-paced and seemingly corrupt world. Think Again God sheds spiritual inspiration on every human soul to see the light amidst the darkness of life.

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