Thicker Than Water - Home is where they have to take you in

Thicker Than Water

Presented by Venice Sky Production and Three Roses Players

Written by Dale Griffiths Stamos

Directed by Maggie Grant and Dan Berkowitz


When I muster up the courage to look over my shoulder and back at the life I’ve had thus far, sometimes it seems segmented into chunks of places I’ve worked, people I’ve loved, life phases I’ve endured. “Oh, that was a few lifetimes ago” I told a friend the other day who had inquired about an old Ex. The person I was just five years ago is not the person I am now.


Thicker Than Water—a series of six one-act vignettes about family now playing at the Promenade Playhouse in Santa Monica—will generously, tenderly give you an evening’s worth of looking back, looking forward, looking at now.  Covering huge topics such as the loss of a life-long spouse, infidelity, having yet another birthday, hospice, faith, and flagrante delicto, you will see yourself coming and going in each of these one-acts. And while Thicker Than Water doesn’t shy away from handling the big stuff, not once does it lecture you, tell you what to think or how to vote. Award-winning playwright Dale Griffiths Stamos unflinchingly explores life’s topics hen confidently lets you decide what to make of them.


The cast is nothing short of exquisite. I was positively giddy to see Barbara Bain (Cinnamon Carter, anyone?) and left the theatre with a newfound respect for her stage work. Damn—that woman is good. We are lucky enough to see her range in several pieces. Sharing the stage is the accomplished DB Sweeney who always delivers a vulnerable masculinity like no one else can. My only complaint is that he was not in more of the one-acts, because the players in all six pieces were beyond fantastic. Maggie Grant, DJ Harner, Bob Ebinger, John Henry Richardson to name just a few—I wish I could list the whole cast; without a doubt acting is what they were born to do.


Family—the ties that bind and the ties that release. You will find all of yours here, too.  Go with friends then come again and bring the family.


Get your ticket reservations by calling (323) 960-5772 or order online here



The Promenade Playhouse

1404 3rd St. (on The Promenade at Santa Monica)

Santa Monica, CA 90401


Plenty of public parking lots; closest is lot 6.

This location has concessions.



Now through Sunday, May 22



Saturdays at 8 p.m.

Sundays at 2 p.m.


Running time is about 90 minutes with no intermission.



$25 at the box office

$20 in advance online

$15 Seniors and Students


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