Theatre Rview: The Who's Tommy: Tommy Rocks

Theatre Review: Donovan Baise (young Tommy) with his parents Georffrey Going and Anna Ty Bergman

The classic rock opera, The Who's Tommy, being presented as the first of the season's offering from Doma Theatre is energetic and alive with action and song. 


Theatre Review: Captain Walker going off to war

A historical play, the time period is London during and after World War 2 when Captain Walker (Geoffrey Going) marries his sweetheart, Mrs. Walker (Anna Ty Bergman) before he heads out to war.  When Walker is declared dead, she raises her boy, young Tommy (Donovan Baise) , but soon starts another relationship.  Walker's miraculous return home, causes a fight and blood shed and Tommy, who has witnessed it all, becomes mute and autistic when told he can never speak of the incident again. 


Theatre Review: The Who's Tommy - Mom talks with her young son, Tommy

Growing up, still mute despite all the tests that they perform, Tommy still won't speak.  Even Uncle Earnie (Karl Mascheck) However, when his cousin (Adam Krist) and cousin (Mat O'Neill) take him to a pin ball game, Tommy lights up, literally.   He plays the game intuitively and with passion.  Despite that, no cures, not even from the gypsy (Christina Dohmen) can be found. 


Theatre Review: The Who's Tommy : Jess Ford as the pin ball wizzard, Tommy

A sudden turn of events in a game finally causes Tommy to come out of his shell and the adult Tommy (Jess Ford) goes from rags to riches, adored by fans.   Only when he really comes to know himself, does he realize that he belongs at home with the Walkers. 


The band - piano-  Chris Raymond; Guitar - Yuichiro "Kevin" Asami, Drums - Anjilla Piazza and Bass - Antonio Rodrigo - provided  the excellent music as the operetta was sung including classics as "See Me, Feel Me", "Acid Queen", and "Pinball Wizard."   Additional music and lyrics were contributed by John Entwistle, Keith Moon and Sonny Boy Williamson. 


Theatre Review: The Who's Tommy:Jess Ford

The rock opera, one of the first ever written, originally composed by Peter Townshend, debuted in 1969 and was ranked by Rolling Stone as one of the greatest of all times. 


Playing at Hollywood's Met Theatre,  the play is directed by Hallie Baran and produced by Dolf Ramos, executive produced by Marco Gomez.  Excellent choreography was done by Angela Todaro, while Chris Raymond directed the music.  Lighting, sound and costume were done by Cullen Pinny, Joseph Montiel, and Brandy Jacobs, respectively. Video design was Matthew Leddy. 


The Doma Theatre Company, partnered with The Hope and Union Foundation, assists at risk youth in dedication to the arts. 


 "That deaf, dumb and blind kid, sure plays a mean pin ball"  has a powerful beat and unforgettable characters.  The play goes til April 15th with general admission being $30 and VIP $34.99.  There is a discount for seniors and students.  Secure parking is available for $5.   Performances at Sundays at 3 pm, and Friday and Saturdays at 8 pm.  Tickets can be obtained at or 323 465 0693


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