Theatre Review: Villa Thrilla - A Madcap Murder Mystery



Villa Thrilla: Brad Lee Wind, Ron Kologie, Giulia Davis, Erica Hanrahan-Ball, Gregory Gifford Giles, Carolyn Crotty

Opening October 18, 2014,  at the Atwater Theatre, Bournos Productions presents Villa Thrilla by Anna Nicholas. This merry, mod, madcap mystery has a seasonal twist.  This classic English murder mystery, which takes places in Margate, New Jersey, is Austin Powers meets The Sopranos


Villa Thrilla

When former mod boss Mickey Detoro (Ron Kologie) has invited two of his closest enemies, a gangster couple - Tony and Donna Bonifacio (Brad Lee Wind and Danya LaBelle) to a holiday party at the once magnificent Thrilla mansion owned by Camilla Thrilla (Doris Roberts.)  The couple is puzzled that Mickey, who has just left witness protection and has undergone plastic surgery, has asked them to used assumed names. 


Villa Thrilla

In the villa, awaiting the guest audience for their 60's style murder mystery play, are James Roland (Gregory Gifford Giles), who goes under the name of Zachary for the purpose of the play within the play, Zachary's bimbo wife Jane Carthcarbellum-Marbellumson aka Cleo (Erica Hanrahan-Ball), James' real-life wife Angela (Carolyn Crotty), ex-soap star Norman O Norman (Steven Connor), Armando (Andrew Villarreal) as the Latino houseboy and Norman's neice Carolyn (Giulia Davis) a goth girl whose determined to solve the puzzle.  When, what appears to be the first murder, Detective Mike Shaw (Ron Kologie) enters, he is revealed as the director of the play within the play and is confronted by real life police (Leslie A Jones.) 


Villa Thrilla: Gregory Gifford Giles, Steven Connor, Danya LaBelle, Brad Lee Wind

"The play," directed by Gary Lee Reed, "is a merry Agatha Christie with actors playing layers upon layers and twists of a real murder mystery."


Villa Thrilla: Gregory Gifford Giles, Andrew Villarreal, Erica Hanrahan-Ball

While the first act was slow and confusing, the second act picked up.  It still took some time to get the story straight.  The acting was great with Andrew Villarreal being the most outrageous of the crew with Brad Lee Wind being close beind.  On a scale of 10, I would give it a 6. 


Andrew Villarreal, Leslie A. Jones, Giulia Davis

The wonderful scenic design done by Madison Rhoades is complemented by Brandon Baruch's lighting and Peter Bayne's sound.  Costume design was done by Adriana Lambarri while Fred Baxter did the graphics.  Raul Clayton Staggs cast the show while Jerusha Aimee Liu associate produced and Josephine Austin managed the stage. 

Villa Thrilla


Villa Thrilla runs Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 3 pm until November 23, 2014. Tickets run $32.  While on-site parking is free, it is limited and street parking is tight, so get there early. 

Villa Thrilla

The Atwater Village Theatre is located at 3269 Casitas Ave in Los Angeles, 90039.  For information and tickets call 800-838-3006 or click here Villa Thrilla

Villa Thrilla

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