Theatre Review: A Basket Full of Miracles - Entertaining and Funny



The Elephant Theatre on Lillian ( 6322 Santa Monica Blvd.) presents A Basket Full of Miracles, a high energy Kung Fu Comedy.  Produced by Silent Accent Productions, the show is written and directed by Chi Chi Yang. 


Theatre Review: A Basket Full of Miracles: Chi Chi Yang, Kevin Chambers, Katy O'Donnell, Kyle Durack, James McMurran, Da, Pablo Hernandez, Jake Kowalke

Jet (Kevin Chambers) is a lost young man on the island province of Macao, China.  Seeking work, he gets conned by Jack (James McMurran) and entering the funny Spicy Chicken Meatball Emporium run by two Indian brothers (Kyle Durack and Jake Kowalke) runs into the head gangster Yang.  Saving Yang's life, Jet is named the next head of the mob only to find out that he must first win over the men  -Uncle Prince (Pablo Hernandez),  Scotch (Scotch Rutherford), Bruiser (Clint), Tally (Vern), Lee (DA), Tony (Jake Kowalke), and must fight his arch rival Peacock (Aaron Lewis.)  He wants very much to quit but finds himself falling in love with Yang's daughter, Gier (Chi Chi Yang.)  Having received a lucky rose from Madam Rose (Lee Broda), Jet is determined to continue receiving the roses.


He finds he must deal with corrupt politicians as Don Key (Chris Coon)  and Levi (A.J. Jay.)   When Madam Rose finds out that her daughter Belle (Sumiko Braun) is coming to town with her rich suitor Sheik Abita Moola (Michael Sielaff) and his father, Sheik Alata Moola (Kyle Durack), Madam realizes that she must pretend to be a rich woman.  Jet and Gier agree to help her by posing as her family, while they engage the con artist Jack to play her husband.  The gang women Mona (Katy O'Donnell)  and (Elly  Prothero) must go along pretending to be distinguished ladies. 


This comedy of errors erupts in laughter as everyone is trying to get to the Sheik and Jet is trying to keep everyone away.   The fights, choreographed by Kevin Chambers, were phenomenal. 


AJ, Chris Coon, James McMurran, Kyle Durack, Kevin Chambers

An entertaining evening of slapstick comedy, Basket Full of Miracles ends shortly, but hopefully will have a future resurrection. 


The costumes were designed by Mariter Stepanyan.


The show runs until February 19, 2012 --Sundays (2 pm) - will be the last performance .  For tickets call 323 -960 7822 or go to  (With promo code 405, the ticket will only be $10.)


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