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The Hudson Theatres once again hosts the Hollywood Fringe plays.  Among those showing now is Sex, from Odette Productions. Produced by Mike Abramson , it's written/directed by Luchino Vecchio.


The date is January, 1926.  Hopping aboard the 20th Century Limited bound for New York, we meet the scandalous socialite Peggy Hopkins Joyce (Courtney Christensen) and two her lovers Ken (David Abed) and Max (Maurice Neuhaus) as they vie for her favors.  They have 24 hours for her to decide. 


Sex - Courtney Christensen, David Abed, Maurice Neuhaus - photo by Odette Productions

In a  series of vignettes - which has plenty of sex play - the two men deal not only with Peggy, her star powers and sexual prowess - as well as her reputation for several money marriages, but their own attraction for each other at a time when it was still a criminal offense to be gay.


Max - a titled English duke - is more open and comfortable with his homosexuality, but nevertheless sees the value of having Peggy chose him must not only compete with the struggling actor Ken, who wants Peggy so that he can get into her next movie, but also convince Ken that the pair of them belong together. 


Sex - Courtney Christensen, David Abed, Maurice Neuhaus - photo by Odette Productions

Luchino Vecchio, writer and director of Sex explains why Sex is relevant to today's audiences. "I found Peggy to be a fascinating character. As a woman who was not an actress, singer, or a dancer, she knew what she wanted, how she wanted it, and she did it her own way, making her one of the most celebrated personalities of the country."


The message of the comedic play is that sex is OK. It is Ok to be yourself. It is OK to live out your sexual fantasies.


Sex - Courtney Christensen, David Abed,- photo by Odette Productions

Ricardo Mora Hidalgo was production designer and Steve Pope worked as stage manager.  Bruce Thron as associated producer.


Tickets for Sex are $29 for general admission and $19 for Fringe participants.  The play runs until June 25, 2016 and performs on Wednesday and Thursdays at 8 pm with Saturday's performance at 10 pm.  

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