Theater Review-Please Don't Ask About Becket: An Intense Family Drama



How far should a parent or sibling go for an errant child?  Can parents love a child too much? What happens to the others in the family?  When does a parent give up?  


Please Don't Ask About Becket - Rob Nagle (Rob) and Hunter Garner (Becket)

When Emily Diamond (Rachel Seiferth) is asked about the whereabouts of her twin brother Becket (Hunter Garner), we learn the story of her dysfunctional family, of how everyone in her well-to-do and connected life coddled and covered for the handsome, talented brother and ignored her because she was the "good girl."  Despite it all, Emily manages to separate and grow on her own….and yet, there is always the lingering sense of loss for her missing brother.


In this family drama Please Don't Ask About Becket, writer Wendy Graf poses her questions in a production from Electric Footlights at the Sacred Fools TheaterBlack Box.  Directed by Kiff Scholl, executive produced by Lisa Brenner, with producer Racquel Lehrman and assistant producers Victoria Watson of Theatre Planners and Susan K. Coulter of Electric Footlights, the play stars Hunter Garner (Becket), Rachel Seiferth (Emily), Deborah Puette (Grace) and Rob Nagle (Rob) as the embattled parents and kids.  


Please Don't Ask About Becket - Rachel Seiferth (Emily) and Hunter Garner (Becket)

As a parent myself, I identified with Grace's desire to always take care of her "baby" and shield him from the world, and yet I heard Rob's frustration over having to constantly "fix things" and Emily's own desire to be acknowledged as a person on her own, and not just as Becket's sister.  


Please Don't Ask About Becket - Rachel Seiferth (Emily) and Deborah Puette (Grace)

The intense play was brilliantly acted and playwright Wendy Graf is a pro at drawing out the emotions.  


Please Don't Ask About Becket - Rob Nagle (Rob) and Rachel Seiferth (Emily)

So can we "love" our kids too much?  Where, as parents, do we draw the line between protecting them and letting them learn from their mistakes? I know it's certainly difficult for me, even though my daughter is 21.  Food for thought, readers.  Too bad parenting doesn't come with an instruction manual.  


The play will resonate with many.  


Please Don't Ask About Becket - Rachel Seiferth (Emily) and Deborah Puette (Grace)

The set was designed by Evan A. Bartoletti, with Kelley Finn doing the lighting, Wendell CCarmichael as the wonderful costume designer, and Cricket S. Myers did the sound.  Bonnie Bailey-Reed worked the props, Ed Krieger did the photos, Kevin Tamay managed the stage along with Erica Lawrence.  Publicity was done by Lucy Pollak.  


The play runs until Sunday, Sept 18, 2016 - 8 pm Fridays and Saturdays with Sundays at 3 pm.  One Monday (Aug. 29th) performance, too.  Tickets run $25 and can be had from Plays411or by calling (323) 960-7745. There is handicap access.  

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