The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Home Alone Review - A Classic Hit Movie with a New Modern Twist


From the classic hit Christmas movie “Home Alone” comes a clever and hysterical twist to this iconic film in the form of a on stage musical parody. The iconic role of the eight year old little boy “Kevin McCallister” (once played by Macauly Culkin in the original film) is brought back to life by the talented actresses (alternating) Gwen Hollander and Caitlyn Gallogly. Taking place at the Rockwell: Table & Stage venue, you will find a long stage in the shape of almost a runway if you will, with a band at the very end to add sound and joy to the play. Surrounding the stage were the audience enjoying their food and drinks for an up close and personal feel to the event.

With dim lights and Christmas cheer filling the room the story of Home Alone was told accurately as anyone could remember bringing back memories from one when they saw this all time favorite long ago. It was truly a trip down memory lane for many but with a fun and exciting twist that the crowd was able to join in on. The music was from many of the modern day songs out there today including the plays on spin on songs such as Disney’s “Frozen - Let It Go”, “Adelle’s - Hello”, and even Christmas classics such as “Mr. Grinch” and many more for everyone to sing along in on. From beginning to end you will be entertained with a small intermission in between. Each of the actors on stage possessed such enthusiasm and talent for their craft, a vibrance I have not seen in a long time, which was truly inspirational. I personally was impressed by the singing capabilities of all the actors. The food and drinks are fairly priced for such a fantastic venue with a two-item minimum so be sure to bring your appetites.

This is fun for the whole family to enjoy although keep in mind that there is a bar in the venue so it is recommended that your child be at least 15 years old for some slight adult humor. This extremely entertaining play will leave you with no regrets and is a perfect date night idea. Afterwards anyone can stick around to speak to the cast and have drinks with them at their fantasicly decorated bar. This play was co-written by Kate Pazakis and Ray Wetmore. Directed by John Flynn and the Musical direction by Greg Nabours. This is a highly recommended event for couples, girls night, or families to enjoy to bring in the holiday spirit.

The show continues throughout the weekends until January 2017 at the Rockwell: Table & Stage, 1714 N. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027. The Unauthorized Musical Parody series is a hit!


Photos: Courtesy of Rockwell: Table & Stage

Rockwell: Table & Stage website

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