The Los Angeles Masters Chorale Holiday Presentation Review - A World Class Experience

For nearly 50 years, this year marking its 49th,  the Los Angeles Masters Chorale has excited audiences with Holiday Concerts – and the experience of hearing 48 voices singing as beautifully as one can imagine, as perfectly pitched as might ever be possible is unlike any other.

Photo Ken Hively

Music is an ever present part of the Holiday experience, familiar Christmas tunes march us through the hustle and bustle of shopping malls and stores, and somehow we find ourselves singing happily along to the frightening reminder that here, comes Santa Claus. Among the frantic pace, I took a restful seat at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and tuned my thankful spirit to a concert of Holiday Programming presented by the Los Angeles Masters Chorale, including Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’ and Bach’s ‘Magnificat’.

I’m not sure I’ll ever hear choirs of angels singing, though I imagine that hearing music by the Johann Sebastian Bach, sung by the Los Angeles Masters Chorale, may be close. Three different compositions were presented during the evening, two by Bach and one by Vivaldi. Both composers wrote the music during the early 1700’s, a time when music was known for dramatic tension as well as joyousness and exuberance – an experience that parallels the holiday spirit for many of us. It is a wonderful journey.

Photo Ken Hively

The Los Angeles Masters Chorale has been enjoying great reviews from leading music critics across the United States, having been given the world class distinction of ‘matchless’, recognized as one of the world’s premier choruses receiving National Awards recognizing both innovation and excellence in the field of Choral Music. The Los Angeles Masters Chorale naturally delivers a world class experience – and the opportunity to enjoy world class talent is always an exciting one, and thank you Los Angeles The art of choral music is gaining recognition, and it has been suggested that pop culture is growing an interest and appreciation for vocal talent alongside television shows like ‘The Voice’‘American Idol’ and ‘X Factor’. It is part of the mission of the Los Angeles Masters Chorale, under musical director Grant Gershon, to perform to the widest possible audience, and the Chorale has blossomed under his direction. The Los Angeles Masters Choraleperforms about 10 different programs each season, and Grant Gershon has been praised for the innovative musical programming.

Grant Gershon Musical Director, Photo Ken Hively

The Los Angeles Master Chorale has as its home, the amazing Walt Disney Concert Hall, built on a hilltop sitein downtown Los Angeles. All should experience a concert here. The Walt Disney Concert Hall, also home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, is said to be one of the most acoustically sophisticated concert halls in the world. Though the building itself looks massive, built on a 3.4 acres sight, on top of a 6 story parking structure, it’s interior space is intimate. It’s vineyard seating - seats line the terraced seating areas like rows of grape vines growing on a hill, provide all with an amazing personal experience.

I am looking forward to the programming for the hallmark 50th year anniversary season, 2013-2014, and hope to see you there.

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