Clive Davis Theater, Love and Hip Hop and Jay Z's deal with Samsung Review - The Jewel Wrap Up

Clive Davis's Music House:

Recently I visited the Clive Davis Theater located inside the Grammy Museum


Clive Davis Theater


Clive Davis Theater

If you havent been the museum is located in the heart of LA Live and The Nokia Theater. It has beautiful paintings, vintage statues and of course all the emmys, grammys and any other awards you can think of. But my favorite part was watching some great listening sessions from some amazing and talented artists. Like Angie Stone, Bobby V & Ledisi. Just to name a few. It was a great show and definately an experience id love to have again. Seeing such great artist that I am a fan of perform. Makes me happy.


 Got to love Bobby V


Bobby V


Bobby V is an artist we all know as the swagged out rnb cutie pie Originally from the 90s group Mista. After he decided to go solo. He has blessed us with
some great music. With singles like "Slow Down", "Anonymous", "Stay with Me" & most recently " Back To Love" a song that is well on to its way of being another classic from Bobby.

 Angie Stone

Angie Stone


Angie Stone is another that makes classic music.
Known for her Urban Anthiem "Brotha". Also known for her relationship and now the father of her child former RnB singer D'Angelo. Angie is still touring all over the world. And currently working on a new album I cant wait to hear.
Then there was Ledisi.

Ledisi "To Come Forth"



Ill start by the meaning of the name Ledisi which means "To Bring Forth" Ledisi the amazing voice behind the beautiful single "pieces of me" is to me on alot of levels under rated. She is a amazing vocalist
and entertainer. She also is a huge Jazz fan. That loves to "Scat" any chance she gets. Little do people know she a very favorable voice invited to sing at some legendary functions.This 8 time Grammy nominated artist has been invited to the white house by the Obama Family because reportly Michelle Obama is a hug fan of the singer. According to Ledisi she has been invited to the White House to perform at least 5 times. They just love her there.You can currently find Ledisi on tour as well.I just had to share that with you guys. To learn more about the Clive Davis Theater or the Grammy Museum visit there website.

Jay Z recent attempt to change the game:

Now everyone knows Jay Z as the main person always trying to change up things to suit himself.
So this comes as no suprise. The mogul has set out on a new mission to change up the way the RIAA does what they have been doing for years when it come to the way
the G & P program is done or the Gold & Platnuim Certification Process. The G & P typically requires a 30 day releash date to tally sales certifications.
According to Liz Kennedy Director of the Recording Association of America. " We think its time for the RIAA. To align our digital song and certification requirements. Thats why we are officially updating this rule in our G & P program. Kennedy say that going forward sales of albums in digital format with become eligible on the release date, Which sales in of albums in physical format will
still become eligible for certification 30 days after the release date.

This decision comes after Jay Z's deal with Samsung in which the company brought 1 million copies of the albumand is offering it to consumers early if they download a special app Kennedy also stated in her blog. This is a novel & creative marketing move. It also has brought up a healthy topic of discussion about the meaning of sales and implication for the modern music business. For us the move prompted a re-examination of our gold & platinum awards program rules.After reviewing rules & consulting with their auditing firm for over 30 years we discovered that one rule disparity that no longer makes sense.

Now althought the RIAA is changing its tune. Billboard which talleys the sales at retail will not be following suit.According to Billboard Editorial Director Bill Werde his magazine is standing its ground. "Our role as the chart of record is to set the rules and hopeflly even raise the level of play." "He went on to say When Jay Z requested we count the million albums Samsung bought as part of a
much larger brand partnership to give away to Samsung. True, Nothing was actually for sale. Samsung customers will download a Jay-Branded app for free and get the album for free a few days later after engaging with some Jay Z content. The passionate and articulate argument by Jay Z team that something was for sale and Samsung bought it also dont mesh with precedent.Had Jay Z and Samsung charged $3.49-or minimum pricing theshold for a new release to count on our charts- for
either the app or the album, the U.S sales would have registered & ultimately thats the rub: the ever visionary Jay Z pulled a the nifty coup of getting paid as if he had a platinum album before one fan bought a single copy. Although Jay Z got the green light from the RIAA. Billboard says No,no,no Jay.Basicly as far as they see it, The way they are doing things is the way they want to keep it for now. But hey good try though Jay. You Know Jay Z. He is going to get things done the Jay Z Way.

Mona Scott Young is taking Love and Hip Hop to new places


Mona Scott Young Love and Hip Hop New Cities

We all like Love and Hip Hop,The executive producer of this show Mona Scott Young, former co-owner of the very popular label Violator Management representing some of hip hop most distinguished artists LL. Cool J, Missy Elliot, 50 Cent, Fantasia and Busta Rhymes. After leaving Violator Management Mona started her own company called Monami Entertainment managing artists, launching a cosmetic and beauty product line and of coarse producing for television and film. One of her shows being Love and Hip Hop. Mona Scott Young has created quite a franchise from the first Love and Hip Hop aired in New York starring one of my favorite hardcore, grimmey, yet sexy hip hop artist's Jim Jones and his girl Chrissy Lampkins kicked off the drama filled and addicting show. Based around giving a glimps into the life of Hip Hop and Love from a realistic aspect of the urban entertainment industry. Although some people might find people on the show to be sometimes what some might call "rachet".I truely find it to be very entertaining and a real insight on how the music industry for urban culture really is not the fancy clothes, nice cars & flawless women you might see in some of these hip hop videos. You get to see their real life.

No matter how unruley, ghetto, crazy, drugged out or disturbing some of these entertainers family members might be. If you ask me Mona Scott Young is a brillant, smart, fierce chick.To bring Hip Hop lives into our homes & for it to have spinned off in so many directions & she has brought so many artist back to life. Along with putting other we would have never known on in the process.I say more power to her. I love it.To me there are so many shows out there that people create through their own experiences. I give much love and respect to Mona Scott Young for creating a platform and opportunity for so many people. Cause some of the people on her show we would have never known if it was for Love and Hip New York and Atlanta. Which makes her my "Jewel Spot Light" for the day. Thank you Mona Scott Young for being a strong women doing big things and a hell of a show.

Now Mona has decided to expand the show to 3 new cities. L.A being one of her stops. Where rumor has it she has been talking to Ray J
and Tierra Marie as being cast members. I like it already. Other cities include Houston where she has reached so far to Latoya Luckett and Slim Thug. Im liking this already... And New Orleans? No word on who she talked to there but im truely interested to here which artists she will bring from the Bayou. Love it. So make sure you keep checking out Vh1 for more future Love and Hip Hop.

 To learn more about Mona Scott Young and her company or to checkout Love and Hip Hop visit the website.


In conclusion to everything I talked about today. Just like Clive has been a huge part of many artist we love in the industries success, Just as Jay Z is always on a new business venture to change the rules in the entertainment industry the way we know it & Just like Mona Scott Young has created a Love and Hip Hop franchise of putting a combination of Love and Hip Hop out there for the world to really get an insight on the Urban Reality of music and love. We all have an opportunity to make a difference and be original.

One thing Clive Davis, Jay Z and Mona Scott Young have in common is they all went for what they believed in and worked hard to accomplish success.

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