Left to Right: Ben (Lead guitar), Brendan (Vocals), Ryan (Drums) and Dave (Base)

On Friday night I attended a show by up and coming indie folk rock band The Gallery at the Famous House of Blues on the Sunset Strip and a most entertaining show it was indeed.  The room was filled with dedicated fans who eagerly anticipated the start of the show. 

The Gallery at The House of Blues

Based in LA, originally from Massachusetts and always on the road, The Gallery is fast building a bigger fan base with every show they play and they play many a show.  Lead singer Brendan Cooney, base player Dave Mozdzanowski and drummer Ryan Cooney grew up together in Massessetes while lead guitarist Ben Lozano, who hails from Riverside, California joined the band last year replacing the original lead guitarist.  The pairing has evidently worked as Ben rounds off this gathering of extremely talented musicians.

They performed an array of songs from their previous two albums Island Road and Come Alive such as the catchy and lyrically strong 'Ballroom of Broken Hearts', which is by far their most popular song, that being confirmed by the crowd singing along to the lyrics.  They also performed new material from their latest release Restless.  The new album features another stand-out song, the anthematic 'Young and Restless', which is a slight change from the majority of their material in terms of sheer crowd pumping radio friendly high energy.  'This album is different from our last ones because we wanted to experiment more.   The last albums were a little more stripped down, a little more reserved and light rock.' says lead singer Brendan.

Lead singer, Brendan Cooney.

Although strongly Influenced by artists like Tom Petty and Bob Dylan they have a certain up beat yet classic cross-country-road-trip feel to their music reminiscent of 'Lynrd Skynrds 'Sweet Home Alabama' with a modern twist of course.  Their onstage charisma and individual showman and musicianship on stage clearly contribute to them standing out amongst the many other contenders in this rock band rat race in L.A.  They put on a great show and really engage their audience.

For more information on The Gallery, tour dates, contacts visit  Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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