The Closeness Of The Horizon: A Play On the Meaning of Friendship



The Closeness of The Horizon - Paul, Stein, and G

Closeness of the Horizon opened May 18 at the Odyssey Theatre in West Los Angeles.  Running until June 24th, 2012, it tells the story of three young men and their journey through life.  Directed by Darin Anthony and assisted by David Youse, the play was written by award winning Richard Martin Hirsch produced by Coffee House Productions.


"Just as our perception of the size of the moon shifts against the horizon, so too does the way we view our own lives as we get older," says Hirsch. 


The Closeness of the Horizon : Paul and G

True friendship is a journey. There is no road map.  Finding out that his long time best friend is dying of a brain tumor,  Paul (Bruce Nozick) goes to G's (Daniel Kash) home to discover what broke up their close teenage friendship only to find that G's wife, Nissa (Mandy June Turpin) still has a fondness for Paul despite him being happily married to Annie (Shauna Bloom.)


The Closeness of the Horizon: Paul (Bruce Nozick) and Annie (Shauna Bloom)

In reliving the memories of their cross country trip with jock Stein (David Starzyk), Paul must come to terms with his past and his future.  Was it possible for the three friends to reconnect after twenty-five years apart?   


the Closeness /of The Horizon: Nissa (Mandy June Turpin) and Paul

The mid-life crisis was relatable, realistic and a walk through memory lane. 


The Closeness of the Horizon : Paul, Nissa and Annie

The transitions between scenes and the time periods were smoothly accomplished without the jarring effect often seen in time travel plays.  You knew where you were at all times in the story.   This is largely attributed to set designer Tom Buderwitz, lighting designer Leigh Allen, sound designer Bob Blackburn,  and costume designer, Sherry Linnell. Leia Crawford was the production manager and Diedre Works, the stage manager.


The Closeness Of The Horizon: G (Daniel Kash) and Paul

Well-written with sparks of intense dialogue and well-acted, Closeness is a masterful twist on the mid life crisis.   Told with a background to the Armstrong walk on the moon and songs from the 60's, with reminiscences of Woodstock,  the story will appeal especially to audience members of an older generation bringing back fond memories. While, younger members probably won't remember, or think about, the momentous events that happened during that era, it's definitely a play to see.  I would vote it a 9. 


The Closeness of the Horizon : Stein and Paul

Performances take place Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 2 pm.   Tickets are $25 on Thursday and Fridays and $30 Saturday and Sundays.  The Odyssey Theatre is at 2055 S. Sepulveda.  Parking is $3.  For reservation and information call 323 960 1054 or go to

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