The Barking Pig - Oink oink woof

Orgasmico Theatre Company's World Premiere

Written and directed by Michael Shaw Fisher

Theatre Asylum


A barking pig, by loose definition, is someone who changes the world.  He doesn’t go along with the norm and doesn’t ever let anyone tell him what to do.


While we know for sure who plays this role in the production of the same name (it is also the name of the bar where it takes place), I would venture to say that Writer/Director Michael Shaw Fisher qualifies as a big “barking pig” as well.  This one-act play, now at Theatre Asylum as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, exemplifies working against the grain and your expectations at the same time.  Fisher probably doesn’t let  ery many people tell him what to do, either.


First off, let me suggest that you take a beverage into the theatre with you.  Alcohol or non- you will need something to toast with; this story takes place in a bar, after all.  There are seven patrons who have gathered here to talk, fight, and drink amazing amounts of booze and ultimately learn that the long lost eighth person in their circle—the one who truly binds them together—is coming.  He’s coming to kill one of them.  Bottoms up.


Of course, since The Barking Pig features a talented ensemble cast—Asher Lyons, Thom Vacca, Alexandra Stocks, Aaron Buer, Blake Bailey, Maria Pallas, Teresa Wierzbianska, and J Scott—it therefore also includes a range of characters who would most likely not hang out together on a regular basis and who engage in the sort of oddly-structured conversations only a group of seven can have; think Friends or Glee or even your monthly book club where, if you have that many people together and only one of them is speaking, it has turned into a speech.  What binds this cast of characters together is that they have all hit bottom or are so close to it that they can touch it with their toes.  Failure is such a great equalizer.  And in The Barking Pig,  t turns out that it’s pretty damn funny too.


There’s betrayal, loss, beatings, theft, prison, music, the loss of small town America, and a beauty pageant.  It’s all just so lovely and sad and complicated and, most of all, hilarious.  The audience did not stop laughing and it wasn’t from the whiskey, either.


The Hollywood Fringe Festival is an annual celebration of the emerging arts and there are over 170 projects over the next three weeks.  The Festival takes place from now until June 26, 2011.  Performances are self-produced by local, national, and international arts companies and independent performers.  In the spirit of most Fringes, participation is open and uncensored.


Fringe Festival events are short-lived so if you want to go, hop to it.  Tickets are available online here or call (323) 960-7770 to order by phone.




6320Santa Monica Blvd.

LosAngeles 90038


Insufferably bad street parking only, so plan to get there early.



Fri-June 17- 8:30PM

Sat-June 18- 1PM & 10PM

Sun-June 19- 2:30PM

Fri-June 24- 7PM

Sat-June 25-5:30PM

Sun-June 26-2:30PM



Running time is about 75 minutes with no intermission. This performance includes a gunshot. We have to tell you this but it’s not a spoiler.





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