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The Adam Richmond Stand-Up Comedy Show at The Comedy Store Review - July 21st, 2015

By Elizabeth Regal

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OOOH...nice close-up!


Los Angeles, the city of dreams, or broken dreams as they say is a common myth in this land of starlets and wannabees. Honestly, having here myself for over 15 years as a professional actress, producer, and writer I am proud to say I have been one of few to make a living in the midst of narrow standards. As one of my stand-up comedic, Adam Richmond is one of very few as well to top the media and rankings of outstanding and hilarious comedy internationally.


As a devout patron of the arts, I whole-heartedly support many up and coming artists in the world of entertainment. I met Adam Richmond years back at the local famed Comedy Store performing his signature Spartacus act in the all-famed Belly Room that has launched and supported many stand-up comics careers as Kat Williams, Louis C.K., and Dave Chappelle. His talent stood out amongst the flooded market of other aspiring comics. I took to his comedy and followed his career that has sky-rocketed with talented representation, raw talent, and the tenacity to overcome rejection. Adam has performed at the most prestigious comedy houses as The Comedy Store, Icehouse, and Inside Jokes at the historical TCL Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.


I recently attended one of his many full-booked shows at The Comedy Store on July 21st, 2015. As always, his talent, controversial jokes, and unsurpassed high-energy rocks the house with the audience in stitches with laughter. I had the honor to personally interviewing him one-on-one to talk about his background as a comic, his aspirations, and his take on the business today.


Rockin it out on stage!




Adam Richmond was one of the youngest touring headliners to come out of Canada in the year 2004. His high energy, thought provoking material and fearless stage presence has made him a favorite among colleges and clubs all around North America, as he makes his way through the American Market. Residing in the entertainment capital of Los Angeles, Adam was recently on NBC’s ‘Last Call’ with Carson Daly, has been showcased on a recent season of ‘Last Comic Standing and can be heard regularly on XM radio and has a new reoccurring character on Disney XD’s Tron: Uprising.  He produces one of the most popular monthly shows in LA called ‘Richmond’s House Of Comedy’ (RHOC) at the Hollywood Improv. While also doing regular audience warm-up work for ‘The Best Damn Sports Show Period’ and the TV Guide channel, Adam has also gone global!  Not only did he complete a tremendously successful USO tour for the American troops in Japan/Korea/Guam, he’s added South Africa and Australia to the list and has recently performed at Melbourne International Comedy Festival.  Also a writer, an actor and a voice-over artist, Adam has appeared on Nickelodeon, Fox Sports Net, and several nationally televised commercials, and now can be seen on the TV and buses as the Spokesperson and ‘man on the street’ for the LA METRO. With his fun persona, Richmond has the ability to make an audience feel comfortable in his presence, and has definitely become a candidate as one of the new comedy faces the world will see for many years to come.  Go see Richmond and witness how much you can get away with when an audience likes you.


Well...he's a ham.


His goal has always been to; “Bring mirth and merriment to misunderstood people in a chaotic world.  I may not be there in the morning, but if I’m there at night, you will have a good time.” – Adam Richmond.


“You are very funny, man!  Very funny!” – Bill Maher, Comedian/Talk-show Host


"FOUR STARS (Highest Rating). Adam Richmond is one of the most genuinely funny stand-ups I've seen in a long, long time. He deserves to be a major star." --- Todd David Schwartz, Entertainment Critic CBS


“Adam Richmond is crazy funny.  He’s like Billy Crystal Meth” – Theo Von, Comedian


“Man, I’d like to be inside your brain” – Jon Mayer, Musician


“You’re very likeable” – Bill Burr, Comedian


“You are hilarity incarnate” – Don Reed, Audience Warm-up Comedian for the Tonight Show.


“Are you crazy?  I don’t want to have to follow you!!!” – Bobby Lee, Comedian/Actor


“He’s a Bulldog with a smile!” - Mark Gura, Voice Agent.


“Your high energy comedy is post-production gold” Ted Kamp, Producer Last Comic.


“You were like a mind blowing orgasm.  Afterwards I needed to relax and have a cigarette.  The rest of the comedians made me feel like I was left alone, disappointed, crying in the bathroom” – Rachel Davis, Comedy Fan.


“Adam’s so funny, I peed in my friend’s pants!!!” – Melody Osgood, Comedy Fan


“He’s got some twisted ideas, but because he smiles, people just love him!” - Claude Stuart, Comedian.


“I knew you’d be good, but I didn’t know you’d be that good!” - Adam’s Mom.


“Why don’t you eat something?” – Adam’s Grandmother.



1. How did you get started as a comic and why?

To me, comedy was more of a calling than it was a choice.  I was meant to

be doing it.  I remember when I was in college and I watched some

commercials and was like "People get paid for that??  I can do that

easily, drunk and stoned at 5 in the morning".  And that was part of my

incentive.  I first knew what I didn't want to do.  That I didn't want to

be a doctor and a lawyer like everyone else in my family and I didn't want

to be at a 9-5 life energy sucking job that would have destroyed my soul.

I was always funny and comfortable in front of a crowd, so stand-up comedy

just seemed like a natural choice.  So I started doing it, liked it and

realized (like any things in life) that you had to work hard at it in

order to be good.  Then it becomes a very healthy addiction.  The business

is not a great one, but the joy I feel while being up on stage, is what

it's all about.  If it wasn't for the glory of laughter I would hardly be

in this profession.  And the way I feel on stage makes me know that I made

the right choice.  I guess I've had enough success and enough great

conversations with smart people I respect to know that I've made the right



2. What are the major challenges as a comic?


The major challenges besides getting good is getting the stage time to

begin with.  You don't start at packed comedy clubs with audiences ready

to go, it's usually at some crap open mic or something, so it's even a

challenge to get through that part.  Also, nobody starts at this as an

awesome performer...it takes time.  People can be naturally talented but

standing in front of people with the obligation to make them laugh is

never natural.  Of course there was the challenge of making it to the US

(I'm Canadian) so that was always a tough nut to crack, but getting my

paperwork was a huge accomplishment in itself.  And now I'm in California,

baby!!!  Preaching on a burning shore.  But if you ask me now what the

challenges are...it's fame.  The internet was designed to level the

playing field and it worked.  Now everyone is a comic because they add the

word "Comedian" to their FB profile. John Smith Comedian.  There is no

real qualification any more.  Granted the people can tell the difference

between someone who is seasoned and someone who is not, but often times

they don't care.  In this star fucked work we've created people want to

see a celebrity more than they want to be entertained. Basically if I was a fat,

asian, lesbian in a wheelchair I'd be  so famous right now.


3. How do you handle bad press and sometimes others that are offended?


You can't do much about bad press these days once it hits the internet.

And believe me, I've had some.  Interestingly enough, it wasn't even true

other but once it goes online and the internet trolls find it, it becomes

the gospel.  But here is my motto for today's civilization "Just because

someone says it doesn't mean that it's true". But overall, my

advice to people is...if you don't like it, don't buy it, don't read it,

don't watch it, don't eat it.  And my advice to myself has always been

"The right people respond the right way, and the wrong people...well who

the fuck cares??  They're the wrong people".


4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


I believe in myself.  I believe I have the right makeup, the right look

and the right disposition to be one of the beasts in this business.  I'd

like to think comedy is moving away from the PC stuff and will get back to

the cool, rock star, art format that it used to be.  I'd also like to

think I'm on the precipice of this change and I'm as good as anybody at

it. Ideally I'm on some sort of show in the next few years that's popular

and it inspires people to come out to see me live at a comedy club

and then I blow their minds, shape their heart and rock their soul.


5. What is your biggest milestone and accomplishment?


Honestly, my biggest accomplishment was getting out of Canada.  I know, I

know, all you Americans think it's great up there cuz of the free health

care but there's way more to it.  You can't become huge in Canada.  We eat

our own.  Only when you do well in the states do Canadians acknowledge

you.  So just getting  here and getting on TV like Last Comic Standing,

Last Call with Carson Daly, Byron Allen's shows, Tron, LA Metro, etc. are

alway good indications that I'm doing something right.  But now that I'm

answering honestly,  my BIGGEST accomplishment is the fact that I've never

had a real job.




Adam Richmond continues to make his mark on the industry changing the up and coming

wannabees into the new world of technology meeting the standards of retaining an audience.

I look forward to attending more of his shows and watching him evolve of the food chain of

stardom. For more information about Adam Richmond, please visit his website at


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Published on Jul 28, 2015

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