The 2016 College Television Awards Red Carpet Review - College Students winning "Emmys"

In celebration of young student producers and filmmakers, the Television Academy Foundation hosted the 37th College Television Awards Wednesday May 25, 2016 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA. It was an enjoyable and rewarding evening as college students had the chance to win an Emmy for their outstanding work. The red carpet was star-studded with celebrities including One Life to Live’s Corbin Bleu, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom, American Horror Story’s Matt Bomer, Deadbeat’s Cat Deeley, Rush Hour’s Aimee GarciaGrey’s Anatomy’s Jason George, Arrow’s Colton HaynesHollywood Game Night’s Jane LynchUnderground’s Chris Meloni, Breaking Bad’s RJ MitteThe Mindy Project’s Adam Pally, Once Upon a Time’s Lana Parrilla, The Grinder’s Fred Savage, Status Update producer Adam Shankman, Billions Maggie Siff and Scandal’s Bellamy Young who came out to honor excellence in student content.

Corbin Bleu (Actor) High School Musical

We had the chance to chat with some of the celebrities on the red carpet and asked them about some advice they would share with college filmmakers and the importance of honoring them.


Corbin Bleu: “Stay grounded in what your attempt is. You have a voice and your voice is your own unique voice. You can use other people as inspiration, but don’t try to attempt to be someone else. Be original. Be yourself.”

Jason George: “You have to be able to turn the rejections you’re going to get into fuel. You know? Keep going. Because if you can’t do that and if you take it to heart, then  it will crush you.”

RJ Mitte: “At the end of the day they’re the ones getting the new training, the new equipment, the new type of shooting, the new vision of what people see in television and movies. This is that generation. This is what’s going to pioneer into that next level and defining culture and creating a new generation.”

Fred Savage: “I would just encourage people to shoot. I would encourage people to shoot even if it’s bad. Even if you don’t have the right equipment. Shoot anything. Tell a story, because the more you do it, even if you do it poorly, you will get better. You will make your mistakes and when the opportunity comes you’ll be that much more prepared to kill it.”

Adam Shankman: “I think A: When you get out of college you go in there, you have to be super humble and get in the game. Just because you have this opportunity… this education… it helps you a little bit but you need to be on the train tracks in order to get hit by the train.”

Maggie Siff: “Everything about this industry is perserverance and I guess these days I sort of feel like with filmmaking anybody can do it because the technology is so accessable. I heard the Duplass Brothers just recently giving a talk and they were like “just do it”. Just get out there and shoot things and make things and I just love that.”

Christopher Meloni: “You know I think any time you give a helping hand and a little acknowledgement to young people trying to break into the business, trying to follow a passion, it’s a good thing. It pays divedends.”

Bellamy Young (Actress) Scandal

The College Television Awards created an invaluable learning experience. This event is rewarding as it gives the opportunity for all college students to submit their work and be judged by a panel that uses the same judging criteria as the prestigious Emmy's. The students also had the opportunity to become part of the Television Academy Foundation alumni network and receiving invaluable advice from industry leaders. 

Students were exposed to actors, writers, producers, directors, hosts and creators of hit primetime television shows. If you're a student and would like to submit, make sure you check out the website and apply before the submission deadlines. 

Congratulations to all the winners last night!


1st Place
Thaddaeus Andreades
Elizabeth Ku-Herrero
Nicholas Manfredi
Marie Raoult
Taking The Plunge
School of Visual Arts

2nd Place
Carla Lutz
Alli Norman
On The Same Page
Ringling College of Art + Design

3rd Place
Christopher Bringhurst
The Ghost Next Door
Utah Valley University


Jon Milano
Christopher Naughton
Straw Dolls
Chapman University


1st Place
Erica Chan
Isa and the Frog Prince
Florida State University

2nd Place
Jeffrey Englert
Colin Laviola
Cold Winters Night 
Chapman University

3rd Place
Annie Chapin
Andrew Evers
Sky Stone
Operation Divorce 
Chapman University


1st Place
Justin Garcia
Raquel M. Sangalang 
Regent University

2nd Place
Jerome Compton
Laura Falcone
Joseph Picozzi
University of Miami

3rd Place
Eric Camacho 
Beecher Reuning 
A Pointless Pencil 
Regent University


1st Place
Ahad Mahmood
Graham Raubvogel 
Bacardi, The Original Mojito 
New York University

2nd Place
Albert Dantzer
Tyce Hoskins
Crosby Ignasher
Tide to-go Commercial
Savannah College of Art and Design

3rd Place
Josh Herzog
Carpentry in Motion
New York University

DIRECTING AWARD (Special Juried Award)

Matthew Gentile
American Film Institute


1st Place
Kristina League
Derek Loucks
Filthy Dreamers
University of Central Florida

2nd Place
Ceylan Carhoglu 
Nicole Jordan-Webber 
Gardeners of the Forest 
Chapman University

3rd Place
Daniel Brown
Isabella Szabolcs 
Colombia's Ride of Death 
Northwestern University


1st Place
Jon Milano 
Christopher Naughton 
Straw Dolls
Chapman University

2nd Place
Alexandra Dew
American Film Institute

3rd Place
Sahirr Sethhi
University of California, Los Angeles


Missy Hauser 
Skyler Stearns 
Chapman University


1st Place
Ryan Kathleen Greene
"30 Minutes Elon" Season Five Episode One
Elon University

2nd Place
Marielena Balouris
Amy Simpson
Megan Swiatkowski
Centre County Report in Hong Kong 
Pennsylvania State University

3rd Place
Naeisha Rose 
Marguerite Ward 
Zach Wasser
219 West
City University of New York 
Graduate School of Journalism


Sylvia Rusnak
Georgetown University


Jordan Kamalu
Brigham Young University


1st Place
Taylor Bisacky
Gabrielle Chappel
Ryan McManus
Centre County Report: November 20, 2015
Pennsylvania State University

2nd Place
Tien Bischoff
Nicole Fox
Cronkite News
Arizona State University

1st Place
Anthony Abaci
Playhouse of Cards
Chapman University

2nd Place
Amanda Domuracki
Andrew Fewsmith
Wesley Palmer
Paper Trail (Season 2)
Boston University

3rd Place
Neda Davarpanah 
Jen Enfield-Kane 
Noah Suarez-Sikes 
Amy Suto
CON: Season One
University of Southern California


1st Place
Jenna Harner 
Mike Kaminskas 
Jonah Restuccio 
Amy Stiefel
Hold That Thought 
Ithaca College

2nd Place
Eugene Simonov
Words of Hope
Washington Adventist University

3rd Place
Tanai Milgram 
Kelbin Ramirez
University of Florida


1st Place
Chase Chambers
Deaf Code
University of Tulsa

2nd Place
Greg Bruce
Jose Contreras 
Sutton Raphael 
Tevin Tavares 
Larryn Zeigler 
Numb in America 
University of Oregon

3rd Place
Julius Damenz
Lindenwood University



Twitter: @emmysfoundation 
Instagram: EmmysFoundation
Vine: EmmysFoundation

Photos: Courtesy of College Television Awards and Francesca Ellana


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