SyFy Channel's Top Rated Show "Total Blackout" Returns for a Second Season



Afraid of the dark?  Would $5 grand help?  That's what the SyFy Channel is willing to award those who are brave enough to enter total blinding pitch darkness for under 90 seconds. Imagine a room so dark you can't see your hands in front of your face, led only by voices instructing you...from beyond.


Sounds easy don't it?  And you won't be alone.  Oh, no.  You'll meet lots of new friends; both furry, slimy and eerily strange as you reach out to guess the shape of each new mystery "thing" enveloped in pitch black darkness feeling around with your hands and sometimes face (did I say face?).  All this while the audience enjoys the show from every angle through the magic of infra red cameras.   



This writer speaks from personal experience and although I had to delve in face first, I'll admit it was quite the rush thereafter when I was safe and sound outside the evil black box laughing at the next contestant.  


*Note to SyFy;  Thanks for sparing me the tarantulas guys, and I never dreamed a cotton mop on my face could be so frightening.  They told me it was clean.  Oh, and they promised no one else had ever used the toilet seat I slid my cheek across.   (I'm still talking about my face here!)



Hosted by the charismatic Jaleel White, (Family Matters, Dancing with the Stars),  Total Blackout remains SyFy's #1 New Show of 2012 and is enjoying a successful second season.   Beginning January 15th with all new episodes.  Catch it at 10:00pm/9:00c.


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