Sure & Begorra the McGroundlings Irish Pub is Here!

St. Patrick's Day in 2013 is Sunday, March 17th...but why wait?



There's a whole new show in town! And you needn't be Irish to enjoy it. After all, isn't everyone Irish on St. Paddy's day anyhow? As the Irish saying goes, "A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures."



So “Erin go bragh” ...on down to the Groundlings Theatre, catch their brand new show “McGroundlings Irish Pub”, and join in the outrageous Blarney! “But I've already seen the Groundlings”, you may counter....Yes, but this is a brand new themed show in their newly renovated theatre since it's makeover just last year. Come and relax in their fancy new “digs.” The Groundlings Theatre now boasts a new set design complete with new doors, new carpet, and a new band pit area. Did I say new, as in brand new!



What a great place to relax and be entertained under the direction of Karen Maruyama. Speaking of shout outs, and not to mention but just to mention, the wonderfully charming Nanor Avedissian, who not only manages the box office and marketing, but designed the creative program book. Amongst the other myriad hats she wears, she still had time to smile and say hi to this journalist.


I, for one can vouch for the terrifically funny sketches and improv, beginning with the catchy Irish Brogue intro song, complete with festive green plaid and wolly caps. Except for one small detail, the only Irish is in the title and opening song. The rest of the sketches are also cutting edge, topical and funny, especially the entertaining rendition of “Les Miserables”, “No, this is 40” and “Photo Shoot”, but I'm not giving the rest away.



You'll leave wanting for more when the lights go up, but wait! It's only about more “bangers” for your buck. (*Note: British as in bangers and mash, but still Pub Food so close enough).



All in all, it's a great show, and I highly recommend it. Included herein are pics of the beautifully handsome, yet unrecognizable cast, given their authentic sketches in costume as it were.



McGroundlings Irish Pub has been sold out in record numbers since it opened in all its splendor on February 15th, and runs until April 20th. Performances are Fridays at 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Tickets are $20.00 and available at the box office or via phone at (323) 934-4747.


Or you can easily purchase them online at




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