Sundown On Sunset: Dominique Toney


There are great things and not-so-great things about living in Hollywood.  One of the great things is how much music and theatre there is to choose from.  One of the not-so-great things is how much music and theatre there is to choose from.  The longer you live here, and continue to follow your art, the more you keep running into like-minded people with the drive to keep going.


Dominique Toney is part of a sometimes forgotten subculture in Los Angeles: native Angelinos.  Born and raised by artist parents, Dominique gained not only a love for music through her talented father, but a reverence for the business as something that takes work, no matter who you know. 


Walking into SIR Studios for the release of her album, “A Love Like Ours” was more like sitting down with a large family for a wonderful holiday than the typical Hollywood schmooze-fest.  Of course the people casually talking and genuinely laughing around the place were a who’s who of artists hard at work, many hugely successful, but the support and love in that room was palpable for Dominique, and her smile was infectious. 


Dominique herself is an entertainer who is in the room with you rather than singing at you.  Her songs create a mood that her voice settles us all into.  Through her father Kevin’s tight musical production and brilliant playing, Dominique created a show in a perfect setting.  Her voice and songwriting came alive with equal parts passion and flair for a great set introducing not only her album, but her heart.  “A Love Like Ours” is an introspective not only of her life, but also what she’s seen around her in the artists she knows and loves. 

There’s a smooth and soft musical side to the album, written mostly by Dominique and her father, Kevin Toney, that has an easy feel to it, but some of the lessons of a harder life come out in the lyrics.  “Blink Of An Eye” takes a bit more of a driving beat to bring home how life can change in an instant.  It doesn’t take Hollywood to learn that, but the song has a freedom in the letting go, rather than dwelling on the loss.  To me it’s a stand-out track on the album.


The lyrics of her closing song, “I Will Love Again” bring us full circle as she let’s go of the reasons for these songs to write us more:  “I will love again, that’s what I’ve been told.  So I surrender and trust that you are not the end of my road.”


Look for her album on iTunes, and at


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