Stephen King’s Best-Selling Detective Novel “Mr. Mercedes” Turned Newest Original Series

Cast Group shot Mr. Mercedes

The red carpet, screening, and after party of “Mr. Mercedes,” was held on July Twenty-fifth at Beverly Hilton Garden.  The celebrity filled event began at 6 PM with the red carpet, leading into the screening at 7 p.m., and followed by the elegantly decorated after party at 8 p.m.

The red carpet was graced by the cast and executive producers of Mr. Mercedes: Brendan Gleeson, Holland Taylor, Kelly Lynch, Harry Treadaway, Jharrel Jerome, Jack Bender, Scott Lawrence, Ann Cusack, and Peyton Wich. Along with other celebrity guest such as Ron Livingston (“Loudermilk”), Will Sasso (“Office Space”), Bobby Mort (“Happy Gilmore,”), Amy Pietz (“Hit The Road”), Natalie Sharp (“Supernatural”), Nick Marini (“Summer of 8”), Tim Johnson (“The Lion King”) and Maddie Dixon-Poirier (“Hell On Wheels”).

The series “Mr. Mercedes” was written and adapted for television by David E Kelley and Jack Bender who directed multiple episodes. Kelley and Bender were executive producers along with Stephen King, Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey [Temple Hill Entertainment].  Producing and distribution, worldwide - outside the U.S., will be handled by Sonar Entertainment. Sonar Entertainment being the leading independent entertainment studio that develops, produces, finances, and distributes premium content for global audiences. Current Sonar series are: The Shannara Chronicles [for MTV], and The Son starring Pierce Brosnan [for AMC].

Harry Treadaway and Brendan Gleeson

Mr. Mercedes was an intense, psychological adventure leaving the audience wanting more while anticipating the next episode. The synergy among the cast was spot on, and the depth of character development was so realistic it brought chills. The dynamic between Kelly Lynch’s character [Deborah Hartsfield], and Harry Treadaway’s Character [Brady Hartsfield] represented the dysfunction that is believed to occur with the development of a demented killer. The taunting by Treadaway’s Character, the killer, luring Brandon Gleeson’s character [Detective Bill Hodges] out of retirement kept the series alive and on edge. The first episode disclosed a masturbatory scene indicating the dysfunctional relationship between mother and son [Lynch and Treadaway’s characters], and humorous dynamics between Gleeson and Holland Taylor’s characters [Ida Silver]; Taylor who is Gleeson’s neighbor. This is a series not to be missed.

Harry Treadaway

After the screening, speaking with Harry Treadaway, he shared the process of becoming and playing Brady, “Trying to empathize with someone who has no empathy was the challenge on this one. The idea of sitting inside someone who was aware that what they did would cause pain but had no emotional reaction to it was a fascinating journey. It was an interesting experiment really, to try and get under the skin of that person. I had a crash course in psychology, psychopath, and sociopaths; I read a lot of books and watched a lot of documentaries. What is scary about the character is he is a real person who’s that next-door neighbor psychopath, the kind that everything is okay superficially but it’s not under the surface.” When asked about how an actor detaches from a character with such darkness and dysfunction Treadaway stated, “It’s taken about six weeks to establish some sort of normality again. I felt it thrust me into a very strange place. During the season to remain in character I kept myself to myself, and I found myself watching TV shows that would not create empathy. I could not watch anything emotional so I could remain on an anti-empathy simmer. The shows I found that kept me in that space were Shark Tank, UFC Fighting, and Fox News; there is no empathy in those three shows so that is all I watched.”

Jharrel Jerome

Next, while speaking with Jharrel Jerome, he shared his experience working on the series, “Working with Brendan Glesson and Jack Bender was the most helpful experience for me as a young actor. I was so nervous, especially fresh out of school but I didn’t feel like I ever left school. I felt like I had professor Gleeson and Professor Bender at my side, and they taught me a lot. They really welcomed me as a distinguished actor rather than a rooky or newbie so I’m grateful. It felt right being on the set.”  After, taking a moment to speak with Kelly Lynch, she expressed her desire and enthusiasm for her character, “I would have crawled over glass to play this character. As an actor I’m interested in layers. So often we are asked to play one or two colors, and we all want to be part of the human experience. I think a lot of us become actors because we love people. We want to play human beings not icons, or the bad girl, the good girl, the pretty girl, the ugly girl. I feel we are pigeon holed. I am human, and with this character I get to be a person. Even with my character Deb, though she is so dysfunctional, it shows the layers and reality of some human behaviors.”

Kelly Lynch and Mitch Glazer

Immediately following the screening all guests convened in another room at the Beverly Hilton Garden for the after party; during which discussion, dinning, drinking, and dancing commenced.  While mingling, food and drinks in hand, joy and laughter filled the room. Conversations of intrigue and excitement for the next episode were buzzing throughout the party. The DJ played an eclectic mix of music, interviews were being held with each actor, and a fun photo booth was being taken advantage of to seize the moment.

Tune in to watch the new AT&T Audience Network original series from Sonar Entertainment, “Mr. Mercedes,” which is premiering Wednesday, August 9th at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Watch it on Audience network through DIRECTV, AT&T, U-VERSE, and DIRECTV NOW.


Photo Credit: Mimi A.

Jack Bender

Jason Alexander

Chris Long and Will Sasso

Amy Pietz

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