SoCal's Most Popular Outdoor Sports

There is no doubting the beautiful weather that is a part of Southern California. Nearly all year long, the skies are clear, the humidity is low, and the temperature is perfect. This perfect weather shapes the culture, and makes most of SoCal’s residents sun-loving, outdoorsy people. We like to be outside and a few of our favorite activities include:



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Watersports are a favorite in Southern California and one of the more thrilling sports is kitesurfing. Traditional windsurfing is done with a sail attached to a board similar to a surfboard allowing surfers to glide quickly across the water’s surface and occasionally get some high air. However, kitesurfing ups the ante, combing elements of windsurfing, wakeboarding, and paragliding, and is done with a board and a kite, or parachute, which allows surfers to get much higher in the air. The sport is exhilarating and definitely a great workout for anyone interested. Not to mention, kitesurfers get some of the best coastal views.



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Although most people think of the beach when they think of Southern California, there is more than just beautiful scenes that involve the ocean. Several mountains surround the high desert region giving spectacular views and awesome hiking trails. Trails throughout the region range in difficulty from easy to advanced, and multiple day hikes complete with camping can also be done. A hike to the top of Cucamonga Peak can offer wonderful views, while the shorter Mt. Baldy may present as an easier hike but offers some true gems such as Devil’s Punchbowl – either way, hiking in SoCal is a great way to enjoy the outdoors at a slower pace.



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It’s hard to find a park in any city throughout SoCal that doesn’t offer outdoor tennis courts. Tennis is a fun way to engage others while also getting to take advantage of the great weather. Those interested in picking up tennis don’t have to worry about making a high initial investment either. A tennis racket, a few balls, and comfortable tennis clothing, which can be inexpensively found online, is all you need to get started. Various leagues are offered to children and adults at both the professional and community level, and attending tournaments can be a fun way to spend a weekend. Tennis can be played with 2 or 4 people, making it a great group or couples activity. 



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Los Angeles, California is arguably the birthplace of skateboarding, and it is still a sport that remains highly visible and practiced throughout much of Southern California. Venice Skate Park is one of the most prominent spots to catch great skateboarding in action, and a good place for novice skateboarders to learn new tricks and gain a few pointers from pros.


Sea Kayaking

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When the ocean is your backyard, you may as well enjoy every bit of it. While parachute windsurfing allows you to get aerial views of bluffs and coastlines, sea kayaking allows you to get more intimate with the coast and wildlife. Sea kayakers are able to explore the various caves along SoCal bluffs, such as the La Jolla Sea Caves, get up close to seals, sea lions, and even the occasional whale, and check out local kelp forests that are often teeming with wildlife such as those off Catalina Island. Those interested in the sport, don’t have to own their own gear either. Several beaches offer affordable rentals for those wanting to give sea kayaking a try before committing to buying their own gear.

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