Siamese Sex Show Review - A Lively Pop Musical Satire

Siamese Sex Show at the Lounge Theatre is an original pop musical with catchy music, hot dancing, dazzling costumes and a silly plot. It makes for a great night of fun. I was tapping my foot and laughing all night while marveling at the striking costumes and comic book yet sexy heroes and heroines and the devilish villain.



This is one of the best uses of a small space I have ever seen. With a long  thin proscenium and small side balconies with hidden compartments under them. Yet so much ensemble dancing and quick action was played out. Never a dull moment.

A humorous MC and deejay played by Isaac Cruz starts us off talking to the audience and prepares us for the in-your-face language to come. He also helps the audience understand some of the fast moving relationships and action of the story.


Vivian and the girls

The book, lyrics and music are created by the talented John Papageorge and produced by Theatre Planners. It is a wild and wacky dystopian future time where a corporation will take over the world with a “loveLight”.  Said lovelight will keep people under control by giving them the most astounding orgasms of their lives, taking away the need for any real intimacy and connection with other beings.

Only the unlikely collaboration of four washed- up Pop stars can save us.  Hey, it’s not that crazy of a plot compared to some renowned operas I’ve seen – Wagner’s Ring Cycle comes to mind and I must say I had more fun at Siamese Sex Show! 


Thornhill and Malika

And although the story (and characters) have lots of jiggling parts, the show itself is tight and well put together. Kudos to director Kiff Scholl and all the many production people involved, with special note to costumer Michael Mullen and wig and makeup designer Sheila Dorn.

The cast is also right on thanks to casting director Michael Donovan.The tyrannical CEO of “Monocorp” who wants nothing less than to take over the world is mastered by improv artist Keith E. Wright. His villain displays a good mixture of mean and goofy to keep us amused.


Cherry and Thornhille

It is erotic and entertaining to see the chorus girls, "the Board" - played by Dayna Alice Audtin, Janelle Dote, Miki Holmes, Alyssa Noto, in their harmonious undulating movements titilate the audience in many numbers throughout and bring us always back to the themes of sexuality and sexuality gone awry.

And smack in the middle of the comic- book-like characters is our everyman, a geeky, inexperienced typical Broadway musical comedy guy, George O. Thornill, played to the hilt by Eddie Gutierrez. An idealistic virgin, he falls for assistant CEO Vivian with an open and pure heart.  Vivian, Jillian Easton, is jaded but can’t help but feel that old fashioned spark back. Easton’s talents explode later when she also appears as Roxy Star and helps save the world.



Cloie Wyatt Taylor is perfect as the emotional Malika and her dance and body movement are astounding to behold.  Riccardo Berdini is delightful as the mysterious magician Mr. Hadji. And Erin Rye as Cherry, the robotic Pop Star is hilarious.

Sean Leon who plays Jamal, is a sexy dangerous presence on stage.  His voice and movement are unstoppable and although he doesn’t come to the forefront of the story until near the end, his charisma pulls the attention of the audience.


Vivian and Jamal

If you want to experience an enjoyable evening  (and not offended by typical rap “bad words”), I recommend you see Siamese Sex Show at the Lounge Theatre. I would love to see this on a larger stage with live musicians, and a tad bit of tweeking of the script.Then it will be good bye Hollywood, hello Broadway.


Photos by Ed Krieger.


Georja Umano is an actor and animal advocate.


Performaces of Siamese Sex Show

Fridays at 8PM: Oct. 21,28, Nov. 4, 11

Saturdays at 8PM: Oct. 22,29, Nov.5, 12

Sundays at 7PM: Oct. 16, 23, 30, Nov. 6, 13


Lounge Theatre

6201 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90038

TICKETS: 323 960 7738 or htto://

General Admission: $30



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