Sarah Elgart's "Flyaway Home" Returns to The Van Nuys Flyaway

Returning to the Van Nuys FlyAway for the second year in a row is choreographer / director sarah elgart's "flyaway home".  

This reflective, ambient, and movement based performance work travels through and responds to the scale and architecture of the Van Nuys Flyaway bus terminal.  With one dancer alternately collapsing down to the ground and being pulled upwards by dove shaped balloons, and others "walking on walls" and creating unforgettable imagery, "FlyAway Home" examines themes of flight, light, and gravity.

Beginning inside with dancers and performers who are nearly indistinguishable from travelers, the audience sees a loose canon of gestures that references the loneliness of terminals and people waiting for connections. Elgart, is a veteran choreographer, director and producer who's work in choreography and direction for commercial film and television continues to garner her gigs with the likes of JJ Abrams, Catherine Hardwicke, Anton Corbijn and others, and commissions by / performances at venues including the Getty Center, Olympic Arts Festival, European Culture Capitol and more.  Elgart considers herself a conceptual and visual artist and director who happens to work in movement.  In "FlyAway Home" she paints the space with color, film, and bodies as dancers progress outside and around the terminal, down sets of stairs, up and down elevators, and into the parking structure which acts simultaneously as a scrim and a screen for Visual Artist Stephen Glassman's stunning projections.  The musical score by Feltlike, references the sounds that are native to the Flyaway Terminal, often weaving a delicate, dream like ambience, then building to a crescendo that at once holds the dance and gently follows it.  Costume design by Swinda Reichlet along with props by Elgart and Reichelt perfectly blend color and fabric with metaphorical inventiveness.  


"FlyAway Home" features a roster of world class dancers who range from Korea, Spain, South Africa, Israel and more, and whom have all danced with prominent international companies and are beautiful to watch.  Elgart's "FlyAway Home" breaks down the barriers between audience and dancer, successfully incorporating both, and creating a visual feast in which the magical meets the mundane.  This is a free and ticketless event and produced in collaboration with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and the Los Angeles World Airports. "FlyAway Home" is not to be missed!  Saturday October 13 @ 8 pm, and Sunday October 14 @ 7 pm.


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