RX: Theatre Review - A Play For All That Ails You



Mina (Mina Badie) and Phil (Jonathan Pessin)starting the test

Do you hate your job?  Are you bored with the corporate crap? Do you feel hopeless in the workplace with no one else to turn to? Well then Schmidt Pharma has just the answer for you. They've developed a new drug called "Thrivefor" which turns your workplace into a joyous event.


Richard (Michael Dempsey)and Allison comparing figures of the new drug

RX, the new comedy by Kate Fodor and directed by John Pleshette will heal what ails you. Running for a limited engagement through March 2 only at the Lost Studio, Kate's new piercing comedy portrays an overly medicated society, which has a pill to alleviate any uncomfortable emotion. This winning combination of comedy and romance pokes fun at our overly prescribed culture. According to the New York Post, "if laughter is the best medicine, may be health plans should cover the ticket price." 


Mina and Simon (James Donovan) at work

When Mina Badie (Meena Pierotti) joins the drug study for the new medication she meets Jonathan Pessin (Phil Gray) and quickly falls in love.  Kristen Kollender ( Allison Hardy) , an energetic, engaging actress, who heads the study senses what is going on. But only when Michael Dempsey (Richard/Ed Morgan) offers Phil a pill to cure his heart break, do things fall apart. James Donovan (Simon) plays Mina's coworker with great enthusiasm. K Callan (Frances), an older woman, gives Mina advice that help save her sanity when the trial study ends abruptly.  Which works better, the pill or falling in love?


Mina and Phil in a tender moment

The play is witty, sometimes hilarious, and the characters are rich and original.  This is the first comedy that I know of to make fun of our over diagnosed society.


Mina and Phil

Produced by Lynn Pleshette, the play is ably enhanced by Karina Farah and David Rubin as stage managers, Nicholas Davidson doing lighting and Joseph "Sloe" Slawinski as sound design. Costumes are wonderfully appropriate and done by Esther RydellKen Werther provides the publicity. 


Phil and Allison looking to the future

Besides the ample laughs, there is also sexual scenes, which might upset some. 


Allison (Kristen Kollender) and Phil comparing study notes

Set on the 2nd floor, with a steep narrow stair, the studio might be difficult for those with disabilities.

Tickets are $25 and are available online or by calling 323 – 960 – 7780. The Lost Studio is located at 130 S. La Brea. Street parking is available, but can be difficult.

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