Showtime presents Chocolate Sunday's hosted by Tommy Davidson Review- The Jewel Wrap Up

Chocolate Sundays Premiere Party

At Chocolate Sunday's I caught a little jewel chat with great people like Tony Rock, RT Stekel, Dannon Green, Shang, Sidney Castillo,Deon Cole, David Golstan, Al Walser & so many more. So lets get to my first jewel chat with Tony Rock. Now alot people know Tony because his big brother is hilarious funny man Chris Rock. But dont get it twisted this young comic has made a name for himself and do to his roles on numerous tv shows & performances in numerous comedy tours there is no question that the Showtime at the Appollo Host is blazing his own trail. When i asked him about his relationship with Tommy & what he thought about the show. He said and i quote "Indirectly I started Chocolate Sundae's" Not meaning to be arrogant. Only that he was the original first host of the show and he created the name. 

Chocolate Sundae's Preview Party

He says Tommy is a great choice for the show. He says they have been friends for a long time due to the fact that he is the little brother of Chris Rock. Which has been friends with Tommy for years. He says he has the most respect for him and believes that Tommy being apart of Chocolate Sundaes is only going to make the show bigger & better.

All of Hollywoods favorite comedians came out to support Chocolate Sundae's

You can catch Tony as a new cast member on the Hit BET show "Reed Between the Lines".
He is currently on the Royal Comedy Tours with Bruce,Bruce Sommore, Dl Hugley & so many more.Also he will be on the Rock The Mic tour. check him out on twitter or Instagram.
Up next I talked to my very funny friend and one of the performers on Chocalate Sundaes RT Steckel. I asked what he thought about the party and his response was " Pookie Put together a hell of a party".. He's so funny. He went on to say how proud he is to be apart of the show & how much he respects Tommy Davidson
He finds him to be professional & hilarious.He"s always been inspired through comedy from greats like Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy & Goerge Carlin just to name a few and that those were the comic that gave him passion to be a comedian, Catch RT on Chocolate Sundae's premiering on Showtime Sunday & on The Real Husband's of Hollywood.


Tommy Davidson

Follow RtSteckel on twitter and facebook

Now by this event being thrown during Grammy Weekend it wouldnt be a proper party without seeing some nominee's. I bumcomedian ped into Grammy Nominee Al Walser courtesy of hollywoods well known and bubbly publicist Charmaine Blake after telling me how much she loved the party and how she was so proud to be black.
It was random for the coversation.But thats Charmaine for you.After our little chat she introduced me to Singer/producer/songwriter from Liechtenstein which is nominated for his dance song "I cant live without you".Although some of you might not know who he is just yet. He is one of the most talked about nominee's this year. He admits to being the under dog in this category. But in my opinion if you can come from being the only bi-racial kid in a country with a population of 35,000. Id say the under dog is looking real good right now. Catch Al on his dj tour & his weekly radio show. Al Walser top 20. To learn more about  Al Walser go to his facebook page or follow him on twitter.

Now before i go i have to dish about my jewel chat with Shah's of Sunset Cast member. Actor/comedian David Golshan this guy is too funny. When i asked him was he enjoying the party his reply was "Hell Yes" he say he loves being in diverse enviroments and around so may talented people. He also finished by saying he thinks he is mixed with black because he doesnt like to swim. That was so random and had nothing to do with our interview.But it was kinda funnt.Loved it. Checkout David Golshan as a new cast member on Parks/Recreations & Shah's of Sunset.He is also touring.

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