Romi Klinger from “The Real L Word” Launches Jewelry Line

The Robertson Hotel, formerly Haute,  September 27, hosted a private party for Romi Klinger celebrating the launch of her jewelry line Casa Por Vida.

Romi Klinger in her own words about style, vision, and inspiration for her jewelry line Casa Por Vida: “Family. Family is the core of who we are and the strength behind who we can become. My vision for Casa Por Vida is to let every piece speak to each person holding it, embracing this special piece for life, Por Vida. Each piece can personify a moment, a chapter, a story in your life. My inspiration for Casa Por Vida was born from my father’s side of the family, the Garcia’s. After my father passed away from cancer 4 years ago, I wanted to find a way to embrace the Mexican heritage, the customs and traditions and to learn more about my roots, my family. It would be my devotion to him, to keep him close to my heart and it would be the strength and inspiration which he gives to me that has made this line possible. The message which Casa Por Vida will evoke; will be personal and individual to each person. To me, it is about encounters I have had in my life, my travels through life. Sometimes I feel nomadic, like I have a gypsy soul. I want to experience and embrace all life’s wonders. Taking in the lessons, wisdom and direction each day affords me. I collect pieces of jewelry which remind me of what is important, the sentimental and thought provoking moments of my journey. I gather and treasure pieces from those who have influenced me, like my grandmother or mother, or my best friend. A necklace left behind, or found by a fortunate circumstance. And with each piece, I layer them upon me as I travel through my life, and these accessories tell the story of my journey. Por Vida means for life. Each piece is significant as it holds stories within my life, of where I have been and where my journey has yet to take me. As in the end, its not about where you are, but what you have gained along the way.”

Check out Casa Por Vida website for more jewelry by Romi Klinger at

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